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Selling wholesale is the main focus of this blog, but as you know, I post on items of interest that will help any product based business grow and hopefully, succeed …. or in this case, making your business special!

While researching topics of interest, I ran across this article by Chaitra Vedullapalli, from Meylah.  As you probably know, I am a certified expert for their Resource Center, and have many products and blog post on Meylah. (NOTE:  If you have never checked out Meylah, I suggest you do — they are a wonderful resource for small business owners).

Here are the summary points of Chaitra’s message:

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Why make your business unique! And should small business care?

Identify with your customers

Think about what makes your business truly special. You need not find that one big formula that makes it so inimitably awesome, instead you can look for and gather all those small things that elevate you to the next level. In a business sense, find the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your business. Remember, it is not your but your customers’ perspective. Understanding your customers and what they are expecting from you is pivotal. So, think like them; ask yourself why you should buy from your own store. Try to answer this question convincingly to yourself. Identify all aspects that the customers might find satisfactory and all those that they might find problematic. Work to make those positives better and to make those negatives disappear. Once you get a grasp of all the small stuff that make you special, pass them on to your customers. This will help them see you differently.

Sell an experience

There are many who sell great products or offer great services. Aim to be better than them. Focus on creating an awesome experience to your customers. Make them feel special and they will keep coming back to you. That is an exceptional aim to have. For customers, buying a product or ordering a service is not a one-time thing. They love businesses that are reliable. When they buy something, they need to be assured that you will stand by them 24/7. Offer them great customer support that leaves them flabbergasted every time. By going that extra mile on customer care, you can have a ginormous array of loyal customers.

Be innovative

Another factor that can help you stand out among the crowd is innovation. Be it a product or a service, the business house that provides the most innovative options always has a special place in the hearts of the customers. The success of Apple in the last decade-and-a-half is the perfect example of this. But you do not need to be a technology giant to offer great innovation. Say you are an online seller, then your innovation need not be in product development, but can be in the user interface that you offer, the business model that you sport or the special feeling every time your customers visit your store. Always be on the lookout to make your offerings unique and be aware that this goes a long way.

The above tips work for wholesale sales as well as selling retail.  Your buyers are ‘selling’ the same experience to their customers … so make your business special!!

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