What to Say during a Sales Presentation

Many new producers contact me for sales presentation scripts.  I am a bit reluctant to supply a script as each sales presentation can be different depending on the store and buyer.  What I would say to a gift shop might be totally different than a pitch to a tourist shop — even if it is the same product!!

I have done rather well as a sales rep by just ‘winging’ it.  But then I’ve been in sales for many years (sold my first products when I was ten!!)

So what do you say to potential buyer for your products?

What to Say during a Sales PresentationJane Hamill from Fashion Brain Academy has written a couple really good sales presentation scripts in her article:

What to Say to a Retail Buyer When You’re Pitching Boutiques

Scenario #1 – Let’s say you walk into a shop

Amy is shop owner.

Jane walks in the store. “Hi! Are you the buyer?”

Amy: “May I ask why you’re asking? Do you have an appointment?” — buyer’s already on the defensive, thinking “maybe I am the owner, maybe I’m not. But mostly I’m busy here…”

Jane: “Uhmmm no, I was just wondering…”

Amy; “Because if you don’t have an appointment…”

Ooops — this will get you off on the wrong foot. Let’s do it another way.

Scenario #2 Let’s try it again. JH walks into the store

Amy drinking coffee, 50 pieces of mail on desk, looks busy…

JH – I walk in and just start to look around. I am looking around to see if the store’s a good fit for my product and remembering to NOT be too aggressive in my approach.

Amy: “Hi”, barely looks up

JH takes a look around still…

Amy: “May I help you find something?

JH ”Thanks, Actually I’m a designer of _____________ and I really love your store. I was in the area and thought I’d stop in and…

I LOVE IT!  Jane really hits the nail on the head with her script!  I don’t always think it matters EXACTLY what you say, but how sensitive you are to the buyer and their store.

By the way, I use the exact same method when I entered a new store and engaged a new buyer!

Jane has more GREAT tips in her article!  Check it out here:

What to Say to a Retail Buyer When You’re Pitching Boutiques

PS.  This applies to most products you are selling to smaller stores!

Check out part two: What to Say to a Retailer and What a Buyer is Really Thinking About YOU

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