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First in a series of Business Tips from the book: No B.S. Sales Success: The No BS Sales SuccessUltimate No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners, Tough and Spirited Guide by Dan Kennedy

If you’re going to achieve high levels of success in selling, you’ve got to be able to get positive results under negative circumstances.
— Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is one of our favorite marketing guru! All his books are filled with good tips and advice. Personally, we own a half dozen of his books and we were fortunate to attend one of his workshops and see him speak live!

So, sales is not for thin-skinned folks as rejection is a large part of the process. Early in my sales career, I was taught that a sales person (or producer selling their creations) should expect 10 rejections for every sale made!

Sales is a process — look at every rejection as a step to getting your next sale. “Nos” are not personal and not necessarily a true measure of you or your products!


You don’t have to be a psychic to read someone’s mind — he or she will read it out loud to you, with a little encouragement!
— Dan Kennedy

A person can learn alot from asking some simple questions and then listening!

Too often, sales people (or anyone trying to sell something) think they need to dominate the conversation to sell their products. Actually, the exact opposite is true!

Once you engage your potential buyer in conversation about THEIR needs, they will tell you what they want and need to buy — if you truly listen!


It’s a good idea to learn from other people’s experience but usually with this caveat: seek out and learn from those with experience who are at the top of their game.
— Dan Kennedy

When I first became a sales rep, I search all over the internet (which was relatively new) and the library for books on becoming a success independent sales rep. Not much was to be found, but what I did find, I bought and read.

My husband, who already had a large library of business books, referred me to many more books on sales and marketing. (By the way, many of these books are featured in my daily Business Tips!)

Even today, I read and subscribe to many blogs from industry leaders. I have learned a wealth of information using this ‘self-taught’ method.

Do you learn good business tips from anyone? Hopefully, I am in the list of your industry leaders where you learn ‘experiences’!


The logic is simple: If the packaging of products has an impact on how people regard those products, then the packaging of people must have an impact on how others regard those people.
— Dan Kennedy

Interesting thought to ponder!

Most producers know how important packaging is to their product! I tell producers that packing sells the product the first time, quality of that same product brings in the re-orders.

But what about our ‘packaging’? Do we make our sales presentation in jeans and a sweatshirt? Probably not, but it depends on the store.

When I was in the high fashion industry in the early seventies, I asked one of my advisers how to get a job in his store (J. Magnums) He suggested coming to the interview with goucho pants (do you remember those?) and a few other pieces of apparel that was “in” at the time.

That answer gave me direction I will never forget: Dress for the job! Even though I considered this to be very unprofessional attire, it was the clothing successfully sold at this store at the time! What I learned? I did not want to work for J. Magnum or any other trend setting store — because that was not ME!! (By the way, I left the high fashion scene shortly thereafter!!)

So, how does this apply to you today? If you want to sell your products to a high end store, make sure your product packaging appeals to high end buyers — and make sure YOU are dressed accordingly!


A top performer in selling is always focused on selling.  A successful person takes this attitude, as described by Zig Ziglar:  you got my money in your pocket, and I’ve got your product in my briefcase, and I ain’t leaving until we make the exchange.
— Dan Kennedy

I love it — of course, Zig Ziglar was my first sales mentor!!

Attitude is everything!  Of course, I would never say Zig’s comment to a prospective buyer, but the attitude can close a sales much easier.

Most store buyers want to be sold, and you need to sell them.  Meaning, do what you can to sweeten the deal such as the following:

  1. Since you are buying this out of season, I can extent Net 60 days for you.
  2. The products are in my car — I can deliver today.
  3. I am looking for a store in this area to offer my product.  If you buy today, I won’t sell to XYZ store (or any within a certain distance, zipcode or locale)
  4. We make the deal today and I can offer you ABC bonus.

Well, you get the idea.

Nothing wrong with negotiating a bit and giving the buyer a reason to buy on the spot — but all the time, assuming and acting that the sale is a done deal!


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