Business Tips on High Trust Selling by Todd Duncan

A series of Business Tips from the book: High Trust Selling
High Trust Selling
by Todd Duncan

Most people can discern the difference between a salesperson who is out to make a dollar and one who is out to make a difference.
— Todd Duncan

I read Todd’s book shortly after I first started my sales rep business back in 2002. His words were very inspiring to me as I was never the ‘hard-sell” salesperson like I had seen in the past. Todd opened up a new way of looking at sales that I really resonated with!

I wanted to be the sales person who made a difference in the lives of my vendors as well as my retail buyers.

Todd explains that if you are trustworthy, your motives will be right.

Of course, we all want to sell our products! But it can be done with the right motives.

Stay tuned over the next days as we explore the principles behind High Trust Selling!


To continually move from your foundation toward success, you must have more than perseverance — you must have the right perception of failure.
— Todd Duncan

We all experience failures: wrong product to the wrong customer, mistakes in invoicing, new product that bombs …. You know what I am talking about!

The difference is how we perceive failure. I like to look at it as a learning experience.

I had a vendor, early in my sales rep business, who made some wonderful products. I did very well with the line, but the owner and his staff were forever messing up the custom orders they were encouraging me to write. And, no matter how hard I worked for him, the owner was never happy with my performance and was giving me sales quotas (that, by the way, I hate!) hoping to motivate me to work even harder.

After many years, we finally went our separate ways, but, honestly, I learned a wealth of information from working with them. Not only did I figure out what I did not want to deal with, but I learned how to stand up for myself and polite ‘get into their faces’ and still remain friends (among other lessons).

Todd say that “you begin to understand that it’s not in ceasing to fail that a (person) climbs to the summit of success. Rather, it’s in using failure to enlighten the path to success.”

So what are you learning from your ‘failures’ today?


Trust, in its most primitive form, is based on authenticity, not flawlessness.
— Todd Duncan

If you feel you need to be perfect to be trusted, you will stress out and not be very effective!

I hate to admit how often I make mistakes! I swear, sometimes, thoughts in my brain just don’t seem to connect right!! Do you feel that way?

I remember vividly the day I sent the wrong fax of orders to one of my vendors. The orders were from the previous year on the exact same date! Fortunately, there were only three of them.

Of course, the first thing I did was contact the vendor whose efficient staff had already sent out the orders. Next thing I did was swallow my pride and let my buyers know what I had done. All three were very understanding — two of them telling me they would keep the order because they planned on placing an order soon anyway. There was only one of the three orders that I needed to pick up. I agreed to place the products elsewhere rather than return them to the vendor.

As dumb as I felt, I realized afterwards that my vendor and my three customers had more faith in me after that incident because of my authenticity and honesty in fixing the problem.

Sometimes, a mistake is just a venue for proving your integrity to the people you work with.


The life each of us lives is the life within the limits of our own thinking.
— Todd Duncan

WOW! Step back and think about that for a moment!

If we experience success, it is because we believe we can! How powerful is that!! How many times have you or a friend expressed their certainly of success in a certain endeavor — then proceeded to make it happen? Personally, I have seen and experienced it myself on numerous occasions.

Now, on the other hand, if you feel you will fail … guess what? You WILL fail! I have seen and experienced this one too!! What often happens to people who are constantly failing is that they start to believe they are failures as people!

What we think has a tremendous impact on what we do and how well we succeed at what we do

Next time you approach a new project, take a look at what you are telling yourself about your endeavors. I will make a big difference!


When you begin to develop clarity in your future, you become more productive in your present..
— Todd Duncan

So …. where are you going with your business?

We all need a business plan. Now, I don’t necessarily mean one of those 25+ page plans that are recommended by banks and loan establishments, but a thought of where you want to go and room to build from there.

When you have the end in mind, it is easier to build a plan to reach that goal.

For example, if you want to have your products in 100 stores, but don’t even have one account, you can start with one account in mind. Do what you need to do to get that one account.

As you build on that one account, you can grow your retail accounts from the town you live in to your county, to your region ….

That was the way I started my sales rep business: One account and one vendor at time. It wasn’t long before I had a success business!


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