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A series of Business Tips from the book:

The Path to WealthThe Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance
by May McCarthy

Step 1: Read Something Inspirational. The first agenda item is to read something that inspires you. Ideally, this material will strengthen your conviction that the all-knowing universal power is active and available for your benefit. During this part of the meeting, you’ll begin to change your mind-set to one of infinite possibilities with the CSO as your partner.
— May McCarthy

I met May McCarthy when she gave a talk and workshop at our Center for Spiritual Living. She is a successful business woman who has used spiritual principles every day for three decades which, she says, helped her create her success.

Over the next week, I am going to share her formulate for her “CSO (Chief Spiritual Office) daily meetings — building your path to wealth!

Disclaimer: This is not a religious practice, but rather a spiritual practice that anyone from any background can use for their personal business success.

Now, for something inspirational to read, you can chose just about anything: a book of poems, a treasure of inspirational quotes, a daily devotional, the Bible or any inspirational book. May uses ‘The Game of Life and How to Play It’ by Florence Scovel Shinn and I read the daily devotion in Science of Mind magazine.

What book does not matter as long as it inspires you!


Step 2 – Write a gratitude letter. Let your Spiritual Partner, Divine Intelligence, Universal Power, The CSO, know that you are grateful for all that you have in your life. And, that you’re grateful for all that you want as though you already have it.
— May McCarthy

Showing gratitude for what you already have is a stepping stone for acquiring more abundance in your life. Whether you want more sales, more money, more customers …. if you are grateful for you what you have, more will come to you.

When you write your gratitude letter, make sure to add what you would like to receive as though you have already received it. May calls this ‘a form of goal setting with gratitude.’

Developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’ will help you experience multiple advantages, such as elevating, energizing, inspiring and transforming your life in wonderful ways. You will find that you are moved, opened and humbled through your expressions of gratitude.

During this time, you may want to list some tasks and/or goals you want to reach during the next day or week. You will be amazed at how easily the path will open to you when you express these goals as being met as you write them!

As May says: “If we believe that we will receive the good we want, we will. If we have doubts and fears, which translate into a belief that we can’t have something we want, we’ll get that experience instead.”


Step 3 – Speak your letter out loud with emotion! You will remember your written goals more readily and they will be at the forefront of your thoughts throughout the day. As a result, you’ll begin to notice more possibilities and “leads” that direct you to take the necessary steps on Your Path to achieve your goals!
— May McCarthy

This step may seem silly, but speaking your words out loud anchors them more fully in your consciousness. When you add emotion to your words, you’re providing instructions to your subconscious to believe that the words are true and must be transformed into form.

Reading your letter out loud (with emotion) also reinforce your belief that you will receive the good that you want and wrote in your letter. You will also retain more of the information when you read it out loud.

According to May, “As you use your thoughts, words, and emotions in harmony with each other, you put yourself in a position to attract what you’ve focused your attention on. You become magnetic to your good and start to see opportunities and possibilities.”

Have you ever had the experience of looking for a particular new car, and suddenly you see more and more of them on the road while you are traveling? This is the same principle! You are attracting what you want in your life!


Step 4 – Imagine Experiencing Your Good. Think about your gratitude statements and see yourself, in your mind, experiencing the good that you want. When you do, you’ll be increasing your magnetism to draw what you want toward you. You’ll also be preparing yourself to receive and keep the good that you want. Many of us can get things that we want, but to keep them requires preparation.
— May McCarthy

Visualization is a powerful tool. I find, when I focus on the good in my life, I increase the good I experience. And of course, the opposite is also true.

Focusing on what you want in this manner often helps you head in the right direction to make your dreams and goals come true. Directions or leads, as May calls them, can just pop into your head while you are visualizing your goals.

This step leads right to May’s next step:

Step 5 – Expect Leads and Follow Directions. The leads or signs from the CSO may come to you in flashes like a picture of someone or a strong thought that pops into your mind without warning. You may receive some other intuitive direction to take such as a feeling or urge about something you heard, a friend you ran into that had something meaningful to say, a location across town that you feel a strong call to visit, or some other action to take. Once you get a lead, show action faith and take the step, or ask for another lead.
— May McCarthy

You don’t need to make these leads happen — just watch for them. According to May, these leads or signs can show up in many ways. Our job is just to watch for them and follow them best we can.


Step 6: Celebrate and Note Demonstrations.Celebrate and express gratitude in a joyful way when something good happens that is related to what you want by calling a friend or texting a relative to celebrate.
— May McCarthy

Now, comes the fun part: celebrating! When you celebrate your good with positive emotions, you are actually calling more good into your life.

Like Zig Ziglar puts it: “Life is an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others exists in you.”

Continue your celebration by writing down your demonstrations of good. Show gratitude for each demonstration …. which leads us to May’s last step …

Step 7: End your day with gratitude and forgiveness. As you prepare to settle into bed at night, say out loud gratitude statements for anything that you can remember off the top of your head that happened that day. After thanking the CSO for these things, commit to forgiving anyone, including yourself, for anything that’s been done in the past or present that needs to be cleared out of your life.
–May McCarthy

After expressing gratitude, forgiveness is an essential part to help you let go and be free — opening room for your CSO to continue giving you direction. Lack of forgiveness, even if it is unintentional, blocks the communications and intuition within you

Here is a good model for the forgiveness part of the step:

“If there is anyone from my past or present that I need to forgive, whether I remember them or not, I now do so. I bless them, I love them, I forgive them, and I release them into your care, knowing that you will work with them in whatever way is best. And if there is anyone from my past or present who needs to forgive me, including myself, they now do so, and we are all free to experience a higher and greater good in our lives.

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