Best Techniques for Using Social Media

I can waste lots of time on social media — talking with friends, sharing cute animal photos and videos, posting the newest photo of my grandson …..

We all do it, but what is a good way to utilize social media for our business?

Alyson Stanfield lists a couple good options to follow:Best Techniques for Using Social Media

Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

Pick Your Platforms

You don’t have to be everywhere. You don’t have time to be everywhere! Select social media platforms that you find engaging and/or worthy, and use them to the best of your ability….

Be Social

Social media is social. For that very reason, many people think it’s a waste of time. And it’s easy to fritter away your time if you’re not careful.

Focus! Think of social media as a giant virtual art opening, but one where it’s easier to interact with strangers. Most people find it more comfortable to engage people through social media than to blindly approach them at an opening.

Make Strategic Connections

Make strategic connections with people you want to know about your art. Friend, follow, and subscribe to the people, businesses, and organizations you want to build alliances with.

Go beyond liking posts and sharing them. Become part of the conversation by offering your opinions and experience.

Acknowledge People

…Congratulate others for their honors, awards, and accomplishments. Brag on them in a post of your own. This also encourages your followers to follow them.

Help People

Jay Baer, author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help, Not Hype, says “If you sell something, you make a customer today. If you help someone, you may create a customer for life.” …


Listening is the white-hot secret for generating content. It will make you smarter. …

Listen to the conversation around you. If you’re always in broadcast mode (telling people what you’re doing, what you’re selling), you aren’t being social – you’re being promotional.

Share Your Art (and Products)

… You’re not on these sites because you don’t have anything better to do. You’re on them because you want to gain recognition and sell more art.

Post images and videos of every aspect of your artist’s life. Share your accomplishments….

You can’t pitch your work with every update without losing trust and fans, but remember that people are following you for a reason. They’ll be disappointed if they are the last to hear about what is new….

When I first joined the social media craze in 2008-09, I thought I needed to be on EVERY media (Of course, back then, there wasn’t as many as there are now.)  For instance, I hate Twitter, so even though I have three accounts on Twitter, I don’t post there much.  On the other hand, Facebook is one of my favorites, so I have a couple different pages and groups there on different topic.

My sweet spot is LinkedIn.  I have gained more sales and followers on LinkedIn for my business then any other social media.  Because of that, I have become very proficient at LinkedIn and, due to that, have increased my effectiveness even more.

What social media works the best for you?

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  1. June 25, 2015 at 5:57 am

    I also tried marketing to them all. I just couldn’t do it effectively. We have found Facebook to work for our company, and have ventured into Pinterest.

    Commenting on all our customer’s comments takes so much time, I don’t venture into my personal wall much anymore. Bet folks think I see all their posts … nope, hardly see any if its not business related.
    karen´s last blog post ..“Smudging” Eliminates Dangerous Bacteria in the Air

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