5 Tasks to Outsource in Your Business

If you are like most producers, the next coming months are the busiest time for your business.

How do you keep up?  Over the years, we have hired friends to help with shipping during the holiday rush.  But there are other ways to lighten your load:  Outsourcing!

Entrepreneur Magazine recently published an article on best tasks to 5 Tasks to Outsource in Your Businessoutsource in your business.  Here is there list:

1. Accounting and taxes.

….It gets more complicated and time-consuming staying on top of your expenses the bigger your business becomes. Hire a reputable person to keep your books in order, help you grow your business, and give you sage advice.

2. Writing and social media.

When you need website verbiage, high-quality blog posts, newsletter articles, marketing materials (like brochures and ad copy), case studies or whitepaper reports, a professional writer can produce it for you. Many writers can also provide content for your social media profiles to get your message out through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites….

3. Graphic design and web development.

Whether you want a more attractive website, a brand-defining logo or eye-catching print materials, a professional graphic designer will help your business look its best. Whatever your goals, there’s a graphic designer with the talent, aesthetic sensibilities, and visual skills to fulfill your vision and enhance your company brand….

4. Administrative assistance.

If you dread sifting through your overflowing email inbox every day, a virtual administrative assistant (VA) may be just what you need to streamline that frustrating process and keep you from being inundated by a constant stream of messages. In addition to consolidating and prioritizing your correspondence, VAs can do other secretarial and clerical tasks such as scheduling appointments and making travel plans…..

5. Web research.

Prospecting for new business and keeping up with the latest developments in your industry can be time consuming and daunting. A web researcher can research information you, whether it’s gathering information and statistics for an upcoming presentation or looking up the names of companies and contacts for a leads list. They can also organize this material in a form that’s easy to use and read…

Hiring a bookkeeper (#1 option above) is one way to help lighten the load in your business — especially if you have no background in this area.  You can hire a local bookkeepers at a reasonable rate and give you peace of mind — especially during busy times!

Lots of your administrative tasks, including web work and emails, can be passed off to a Virtual Assistant.

According to the International Virtual Assistant Association (IVAA), this type of assistant …

… are independent contractors who (from a remote location, usually their home or office) support multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative, creative, and technical services.

Check out the IVAA website for more information.

And, if these are a good option for you, now is the time to get your new assistant set up and rolling before the holiday rush!


1 comment for “5 Tasks to Outsource in Your Business

  1. August 22, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    Hi Sandy,

    There are so many reason why you should outsource your Online work to somebody who can manage effectively,

    eBay or Online store managing is pain in A$$. when we start doing ourself, as there are so much into it, such as Image Editing, Cataloguing, Uploading product, Description, so on!!

    Choose your online partner effectively,

    There are many option you can choose from, But hiring a dediacted company can save you lot of time and un-necessary delay.

    Keep posting,


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