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Selling on Amazon: The Ultimate Box Set Guide to Making Money on Amazon FBA
By Jason Meanden

Amazon … a huge marketplace with hundreds of thousands possible buyers and sellers. Hence, there is a program called FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon which also has the similar principles as eBay: someone has some stuff to sell and is looking for potential buyers.
— Jason Meanden

Most everyone has bought something from Amazon at one time or another.  But have you ever considered selling on Amazon?
Amazon has different options for selling your products on their site.  From Jason book, we will talk mostly about FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon.
The FBA program takes care of all the unnecessary issues most people don’t want to deal with such as “uploading the details of the product, packing and shipping it to its buyer and even managing the customer service for you!”  All you need to do is supply the product.
Consider Amazon’s FBA program as your personal distribution center.
Over the next couple days, I will share Jason’s tips on getting your FBA account started and moving products!

Make multipacks and bundles — selling items in bundles or multipacks is very beneficial in various ways — lesser competition compared when selling single items and maximizing the Amazon fees.
— Jason Meanden

One of the things I love about selling on Amazon is that is it a perfect outlet to sell overstocks, close out products or just creations you want to ‘unload’.
Jason’s suggestion on ‘bundling’ these products is ingenious!  Take a couple of your items, include them in a box or basket and secure them together as a special unique gift item.  Easy to assemble and a good way to liquid products you no longer need or want.
We have used Amazon to sell overstocks in the past and it works rather well!
Please remember, thought, Amazon charges a fee to sell your products, so first make sure to check it out and all the details before you start.

Avoid the temptation to race to bottom — There will be time that you might think of selling your product at a lower prices to attract buyers. Avoid being tempted to drop the prices too often or you will end up spending more for fees and other Amazon charges than gaining profit.
— Jason Meanden

Striving to have the lowest price on an item for sale is never a good strategy — with Amazon, craft fairs or when selling wholesale.  Often times you will only ‘cheapen’ your products with too low of a price when it would have sold better at a higher price point!
Of course, if you are using Amazon to sell your handmade creations, you should be motivated to ask a higher price since it is unlikely that anyone else will have the exact same items for sale.  Jason suggests selling products at a higher price point — but under $50 — for the best results.
Also, along with Amazon FBA, you might want to check out the new Handmade at Amazon program.  You can learn more about this program here:  Have You Checked Out ‘Handmade at Amazon’?

 Customers Matter – Amazon wants their sellers to answer their customer’s queries within 24 hours or else, it will be a demerit to the seller’s account.
— Jason Meanden

Interesting ….. but an effective and efficient way to do business — just not on Amazon, but with every inquiry you get concerning your business and/or products.

Actually, responding to queries right away (when possible) will increase your sales because:

1. The customer will not be tempted to take their money elsewhere to buy.
2. The customer will great appreciate the faster and extra time you take to respond to them.
3. The customer will tell their friends how pleasant you are to work with.

One of the best ways to compete effectively with the larger companies is to give excellent customer service. My husband, Malcolm, uses the following motto in all our businesses: “under promise, but over deliver”. In other words, give the customer more than they were expecting, faster than they were expecting.

Think about how you can ‘over deliver’ next time a customer contacts you.


Work hard to remove negative feedbacks! Whenever you encounter a customer with negative things to say about you and your products, immediately reach out by sending him or her email with a sincere apology.
— Jason Meanden

Once again, good advice for any aspect of your business.

We have found that when we receive negative feedback on our website, social media, or any place we promote our products it is better to respond immediately to the customer’s concerns. Do not remove the negative comment, but apologize and explain in detail how you plan to fix the problem for the customer.

I had a customer during the holiday season last year whose gift package did not arrive in time. She was upset and held nothing back when telling me what she thought of our company and our service.

Rather than responding to her anger, I did some research to find out where the problem was (in this case it was between the recipient and the freight company). I responded immediately with all the information I had concerning the problem and what I had done to fix it. A day or so later, I received a very nice message from her thanking me for all my work to right the problem. Resulted in a very happy customer!


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