Are You Prepared for Holiday Marketing?

Last week, I attended a webinar put on by Nik Rajpal from Exclusive Concepts. Nik and his co-host talked extensively about Google Shopping and ’17 Elements of Holiday Success in Online Retail PPC’.  Although, the information on Google Shopping was very informative, I especially enjoyed the background information on holiday sales and marketing.

Here are some of the points made about holiday marketing that you might find interesting:Are You Prepared for Holiday Marketing?

  1. Traffic and sales for online stores were up 12 – 20% last holiday season.  Brick & Mortar Stores did not see an increase like that!
  2.  Early consumer buyers start looking online as early as mid-September for holiday gift giving ideas.  Trend continued until Halloween, when online visits increased considerably
  3. Holiday online shoppers are much more open minded than before as they are willing to buy new and creative gifts
  4. 58% of shoppers plan to use their Smart phones to do their holiday shopping.  For 18-34 years old, the percentage is higher.
  5. Holiday marketing is a marathon, not a sprint — we all need to start early and stay focused until December 24.

According to Exclusive Concepts, merchants should consider scheduling promotions on the following days (in order of importance):

  • Thanksgiving — November 26
  • Black Friday — November 27
  • Small Business Saturday — November 28
  • Cyber Monday – Tuesday — November 30–December 1
  • Hanukkah — December 6 – 14
  • Green Monday — December 14
  • Super Saturday — November 21
  • Christmas Eve — December 24


Looking for more ideas for holiday marketing?  Fox News published a 6-Step Checklist to Get Your Online Business Ready for the Holiday Season

  1. Analyze previous holiday-season data.This is something so simple, yet many businesses completely ignore the gold mine of data they have available to them. Where did the majority of your holiday traffic that lead to conversions come from last year? Was it email marketing, social media, paid search or organic traffic?…
  2. Build out holiday-specific landing pages.You will want to have several landing pages to split test, so rather than scrambling to get them done at the last minute, build them out now. This allows you to start your holiday marketing with a large group to pull data from….
  3. Set up your holiday email-marketing campaigns.There is a good chance that your holiday email offers and funnels will be slightly different than your traditional email campaigns. For example, your traditional conversion funnel might reach the consumer every 10 days with an offer, but during the holiday season you will want to be a little more aggressive. Consumers are in the buying mood — if you wait too long you might lose those potential customers to a competitor that reached them sooner….
  4. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.It’s been said a million times — you need a mobile-friendly website. While running your site through Google’s mobile-friendly test is a good start, you need to also test your user experience with real visitors….
  5. Map out your holiday content marketing.It’s never too early to start planning your holiday content. Start chipping away at it now and you can have all of your blog posts scheduled ahead of time. If you are using WordPress, consider using Edit Flow, a free plugin that makes content scheduling a breeze….
  6. Schedule your holiday season social-media posts.If you aren’t using an automated social-media tool, now is the time to look into it. I use Hootsuite — it … allows me to schedule posts far in advance. You never want to automate all social media, but it’s nice to know that you always have posts scheduled that can spark interaction and drive website traffic….

Remember, it is not too early to start your holiday marketing campaign!

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