Did You Attend Yohan’s Webinar on Selling to Large Retailers?

Congrats to all of you that attended Yohan Jacob’s webinar on Selling to Large Retailers.

Personally, I took over four pages of notes (and I am usually not a note taker).  The information he talked about was timely, informative, and right on the money!

But, if you did miss it, I have good news.  No, there won’t be a replay, but Yohan has given me permission to share some recaps from the webinar.

Did You Attend Yohan's Webinar on Selling to Large Retailers?Here is a recap of some of my favorite tips from his webinar:

  1. The four most common mistakes when selling to large retailers (or any retailer!) is:
    • Lack of preparation (now, where did I put that line sheet?)
    • Over promise, under deliver (always do just the opposite!)
    • Lying (Of course, we can get that out tomorrow …. not!)
    • Poor follow-through (but I just talked to you yesterday …)
  2. Before meeting with a retailer buyer …
    • Have samples or at least a good image of your product
    • Have your packaging finalized
    • Know your unique benefits and selling points
    • Know your competitive advantages
    • Advertising and promotions are developed (and in the works)
    • Pricing and any back-end products are developed and ready
    • Know your sales stats and history, including returns/defective product stats
    • Know your retailer’s buying patterns and background
    • Check your retailer’s ability to pay invoices on time
  3. Best ways to reach retailers:
    • Call (best way)
    • Email (second best way)
    • Drop by — not always effective
  4. Never ship unsolicited sample
  5. Best way to make a 60 second phone pitch:
    • Introduce yourself and your company
    • Give a brief overview of your company
    • Ask if this is a good time to talk (very important … remember buyers are busy people!)
    • Discuss the reason for the call
    • Set up a appointment, when necessary
  6. Selling to retailers’ summary
    • Make buyers job easy — in any and every way you can
    • Follow-through on any and all promises (shows reliability)
    • Treat buyers like you want to be treated!

Since Yohan shared so many more great tips that I did not share above, he gave me permission to share his webinar slides with everyone!  Originally, he planned to email them just to the folks who attended his webinar, but after we talked, he agreed to let me share them with all my subscribers:

Yohan Jacob’s, Selling to Large Retailers, Web Slides

AND … Yohan also agreed to share his special membership group discount offered during the webinar:

Receive 50% off your first month when you subscribe to his membership group:

The Retailbound Academy

Just click on the link above and, when prompted, fill in the coupon code: 25SAVE

NOTE:  There is a detailed method to sign up for his academy.  Check out the sign up instructions for extra help.


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