Writing Descriptions that Sell Products

Developing a website with listings that sell products can be made easy if you follow a few simple tips.

Gift Basket Business Insider published an article that lists, what I think, are excellent tips to aid anyone who is troubled by product descriptions.

Here are the tips that I found helpful:

  1. Tell a StoryHaving a website with your product listings that sell products can be made easy if you follow a few simple tips

Using descriptive words that invoke the senses, can tell a story that will sell the buyer on your product.

An example:  If you like the warmth and comfort of clove and cinnamon, you’ll definitely love taking a shower with this bar of soap. Musk fragrance with cinnamon, cloves and powdered spices make this one of our favorite bar of soap.

  2. Make Your Sales Page Easily Scanned

Long paragraphs are difficult to read through, so make your paragraphs short — 2-3 sentences.  Use bullet point when listing similar points, benefits, or other important information.

  3. Sell the Benefits as Well as the Features

Listing the benefits is what makes the customer buy.  What will this product do for them?  Why should they buy it?

In the soap sample above, you could add that the soaps are made from pure vegetable oil or tell them WHY vegetable based soaps are good for the consumer.

  4. Have a Call to Action

Customers need to be told what you want them to do.  Having a BUY NOW button is great, but adding “BUY NOW before XX date and receive a bonus lip balm with your purchase” may encourage customers to act now rather than thinking about it.

The above suggestions are geared towards website, but they also work when selling wholesale.

  • Stories are great (as long as they are not too long) to explain why you started your company and a particular product.
  • Make your sales materials simple and easy to read.  Using the KISS rule (keep it simple) is even more important for buyers than customers.
  • Use bullet points to list the benefits to your products — for both the store as well as the potential customer
  • Last, but not least, ASK for the sale — or make it easy by suggesting an opening order for the buyer.

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