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Your Best Year 2016: Productivity Workbook and Your Best Year - 2016Creative Business Planner
by Lisa Jacobs

I choose to do my annual review and intention setting when I can find some solitude, over a period of about four days. I typically spend 1-2 hours in reflection, and I set the mood so it is gentle, calm and sober.

— Lisa Jacobs

I am currently out of town for a few days, but while I am gone, I thought I take time to share with you this wonderful planner from Lisa Jacobs

“Your Best Year” is here for its third season in a row, and Lisa tells me it’s better than ever before — she literally wake up every day excited to get this into your hands and watch the results you’re going to create with it!

Goal setting is a serious business and every business owner should take a few days — early in the year — to reflect on last year successes and setbacks and plan for the following year.

I have done this on my own for several years, but find that having a guide to help you through the process is most helpful.

Lisa makes this possible with her “Your Best Year Ever 2016″ planner and workbook.

Check it out today!

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