Next Gen Ecommerce – Closes Sunday, Dec. 6

My husband Malcolm and I first got online in 2004, with our landmark Tastes of Idaho online store. Later we added some long-form XSitePro sites, such as Huckleberry Rakes.

Then we got into WordPress ecommerce sites, focused on affiliate sales and “drop shipping”.

In fact, I’ve recommended Drop Shipping as a great way to test market. And you can expand your online properties without the hassles of warehousing inventory and shipping logistics.

Drop shipping also allows you to find products with commissions up to 30-40-50% or even higher.

Compare that to Amazon’s pathetic 4%. (Beyond pitiful, even though sales are pretty easy due to the Amazon brand.)

But now, I’ve found something EVEN BETTER than drop shipping.

What? Why do you say that, Sandy?? Several reasons:

• Deal with just one vendor, and you are ALREADY APPROVED. You don’t have to chase vendor after vendor down for permission — first, for selling THEM on the drop ship concept, and second, to get info on every product or line you put on your drop ship site.

• Instant, integration with the products… no more copy, cut, paste, etc. one product at a time, and running down good photos and information from vendors.

• MASSIVE inventory to choose from. In fact THE largest inventory of “from the factory” inventory on the entire planet.

• No multiple warehouse drop shipping software to worry about for integration with your shopping cart platform.

So what IS this program?

==> ==> Listen to the pitch here on Xpress Stores <== <==

What you will discover, is a simple “plug in” that connects you DIRECTLY to the ecommerce BEHEMOTH: Alibaba and her more friendly sister, AliExpress.

For about the cost of one month’s hosting on an ecommerce platform like Shopify, Big Commerce, 3Dcart, or Yahoo Stores (now Luminate from Aabaco Small Business), you can be in business in minutes. In just about any niche imaginable.

Note that it’s not all roses. You do need to know how to put up a simple WordPress website. Or spend a little time with one of the dozens of free WordPress training websites to learn how.

Of course, once you’ve done one, you can put up DOZENS more in rapid succession.

I know you probably have a website (or multiple websites) already.

However, this is the simplest, fastest way to test market a new niche — or create additional income selling products — that I’ve run across in my 12 years online.

The short video and information on this page is worth 4 or 5 minutes of your time, I promise:

==>==> Xpress Stores Alibaba Connection <== <==

As always, anything I suggest or promote, has to come with a 30-day unconditional moneyback guarantee.

I don’t really like the timing of this offer, as I am really busy this time of year.

But it does close late Sunday, December 6, and… it is SO inexpensive, I figure I will get value just playing around with it… but hope to open several stores.

My choice of inventory with the click of a button… nothing to ship. How cool is that! My hubby may kiss me… or something better!

And of course, so easy to get started, there still might be time to add an extra profit line for the holiday sales season!!! I will see what Malcolm has to say.

Anyway, I am giving it a whirl. Easy ecommerce profits. Multiple streams of online income. I love it!

1 comment for “Next Gen Ecommerce – Closes Sunday, Dec. 6

  1. Emily
    December 5, 2015 at 9:40 am

    Definitely intriguing, just concerned on picking the right product and vendor

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