5 Tips for Thriving During the Holiday

Stress is at an all time high during the holidays and it is even higher for small business trying to get orders shipped in a timely order.

Personally, we were only getting a dribble or orders until this weekend when we were slammed with such force, I was wondering if I could even remember my name!  Not that I am complaining, but I really need to concentrate to keep my sanity so as to remember all I needed to do to fulfill the requests of my customers.

Then I read Rob Fortier’s article:  Sometimes You’ve Got to Suck It Up.  The title alone made me giggle out loud.  Yup, suck it up, Sandy!!

Anyway, here are some of his points:

5 Tips for Thriving During the Holiday

Reconnect to your “why.”  In the midst of having a rough time, it’s easy to forget why you may have chosen to run a business rather than just work at a job and collect a paycheck…Take some time to remember all benefits you reap from running your own show, and reconnect to how it feels when things are running smoothly.  Hold onto that why, and keep moving ahead.

Accelerate instead of decelerate.  Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to slow down.  If you primarily sell to retailers, now may not be the best time to contact them.  What other activities can you be working on?  For everyone else… individuals and businesses are still spending money.  Make sure you take action so you can benefit.

Plan for next year.  Have you thought about what you’d like 2016 to look like for your business?  Have you even thought about the first few months?  Get out a calendar and start making plans.  Fill in all the important dates you know, such as trade shows or vacations, and then start filling in activities you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly for your business.

Stick to your own story.  It’s easy to say, “No one has time to talk to me,” or “No one has any money right now.”  That’s the story you’ve created, and you’re putting it onto others.  Yes, there are more social activities in December, and yes, people will be taking time off for holiday, but don’t invent reasons that other people won’t be able to do business with you.  Give them a call and let them tell you themselves.

Take purposeful breaks.  Take some time to rest and re-energize during this season, but make sure that you are not just taking it easy any chance you get.  Plan to take a week or a just a long weekend off, but don’t skip out every afternoon at 2pm just because “it’s the holidays.”  Show up.  Do your work.  Plan for quality time off.

Perfect Rob!  Now, lets all ‘suck it up’!!

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  1. December 14, 2015 at 6:06 am

    What great advice! We all need this kind of reminder at this time of year. Thank you for sharing it! I will pass it on as well.

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