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A series of  Business Affirmation and Quotes from101 Biz Affirmations. the book:
101 Business Quotes and Affirmations
Compiled by Randy Schrum

High expectations are the key to everything.
SAM  WALTON, Founder of Wal-Mart

AFFIRMATION: I have high expectations for my business. When I aim high I will see the results.

Over the next few weeks, during the holiday season, I will be sharing several quotes and affirmations from Randy Schrum book.

Since we are all busy with business, family and dealing with winter,  I don’t want to take your time away from this important tasks.

So, I suggest you study each quote and affirmation — reading them throughout your day!

In the meantime, don’t be afraid to aim high with your goals.  As the quote says, you will see results.


People who don’t take risks generally make about two big mistakes a year. People who do take risks generally make about two big mistakes a year.
–PETER  DRUCKER, Social ecologist and father of modern management

AFFIRMATION:  I take risks knowing I will make some big mistakes. I will make big mistakes, even if I do not take risks.

Most people learn more from their mistakes than their successes!  And according to Peter, you just as far ahead if you take the risk to make that mistake than those who don’t.

Sometimes, we need to tell ourselves this every single day.

Bottom line:  Don’t be afraid to move forward and risk a little to learn and grow!


People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.
— ZIG  ZIGLAR, American author, salesperson, and motivational speaker

AFFIRMATION:  I look for ways to motivate myself daily, which keeps me focused on my success and goals.

I find this hilariously true!

Motivation can come from so many different sources.  I hope you find these daily Biz Tips to be motivating.  Zig was my first biggest motivator when I was selling Encyclopedias in the 1980s!

We can keep moving forward despite the circumstances when we learn to motivate ourselves!


You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success. The problem is, you just don’t see them.
— JAY  ABRAHAM, America’s highest-paid marketing consultant

AFFIRMATION:  I am aware that I am surrounded by obvious solutions that are waiting to increase my success.

Many of the gurus I follow suggest you stay present in the moment rather than thinking about everything else that could or could not be happening around you.

When I become present with each moment, the obvious solutions that Jay talks about become clearer to me.

Try being present and see what wonderful ideas pop into your head!


It’s not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It’s the customer who pays the wages.
–HENRY FORD, American Entrepreneur

AFFIRMATION: I am keenly aware that the customer who buys my products… also pays my bills.

Without customers, we do not have a business.   So, in reality, it is the customers who pay your bills!

As a business owner, I think we always need to remember that and treat our customers (even the difficult ones!) with care and respect.

Does this make you look at those folks differently today?


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