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At the end of the year, I enjoy checking my stats wondering how my sites are viewed; which are top articles were most popular; and determine where I want to focus my attention in the coming year.

WordPress tells me I had over 36,000 views this year! Amazing!

And once again, two of the top three most popular articles from previous years is still on the top articles from 2015:

Typical Payment Terms When Wholesaling

I am out of the office this week, so I thought I would republish one of my most popular articles:  Typical Payment Terms When Wholesaling.

I originally published this article back in April of 2009 and edited it in Typical Payment Terms When WholesalingFebruary of 2014.  

Typical standard payment terms for selling to gift stores is Net 30 days.  In other words, you deliver or ship your products and in 30 days the retailer will pay for the order.  Originally, Net 30 terms are used so the retailer to have time to sell some of your products before needing to pay for them…

Etsy Shop or Your Own Website?

Personally, I don’t have an Etsy Shop, nor a shop on Artfire or most of the other group shop (although, I am actively involved with MeylaEtsy Shop or Your Own Website?h – but that is a different story …).  I have always had my own websites, and honestly, had not heard much about these other platforms at the time I set up my own websites!

I love Meylah!  But I would NEVER replace my own site with Meylah or any other selling platform.  Why, you ask?  Here are a few reasons…

Developing a Wholesale/Retail Price StructureDeveloping a Wholesale/Retail Price Structure

A few years back the candle maker I was representing in my business retired and I was looking for a new company to replace her. Several different candle companies contacted me, so the prospects looked good. But when I asked each of these candle makers to send me a wholesale/retail price sheet, I was shocked by what I received.

One gal made beautiful candles, I would like to have repped for her, but her wholesale price was 80% of her retail price! And this was not the only example of poor price structure. Eventually, I did finally find a producer whose pricing structure would work, but it took a long time …

Cold Call Email TipsCold Call Email Tips

Cold calling has moved from showing up in person to calling on the phone or emailing.  So how do you wholesale your products as a cold call email to retailers?

This question is probably one of the most asked questions by folks who have started or are wanting to start wholesaling …. and it is a bit of a mystery as there is no one pat answer that will work every time!…

Policies about Giving Sample Products to Retailers

A couple weeks ago I posted a discussion from our Selling to Retailers’ Policies about Giving Sample Products to RetailersMastermind Group on Polices for Giving/Charging for Sample Products.  Once I posted the article on my LinkedIn Group, Selling Wholesale to Gift Shops, I received numerous comments about the issue.  In respect to different point of views, I would like to share some of the comments here…

Selling to Chain Stores and Large Retailers

Carolyn Edlund, author of the Artsy Shark blog and website, is writing an Selling to Chain Stores and Large Retailersinformative series of articles on Selling to Chain Stores and Large Retailers.  Excerpt from part one:

How to Survive and Thrive Without Losing Your Shirt – Part 1

I received a phone call a while back from a gentleman who wanted a consultation about developing his greeting card line and launching it into the marketplace. At one point he mentioned, “I’d like to sell to Walmart.”

This was a bit of a leap for a newbie….

Have You Checked Out ‘Handmade at Amazon’?

Amazon has joined the handmade movement by introducing their new Handmade at Amazon store.Have You Checked Out ‘Handmade at Amazon’?

According to their website:

Showcase Your One-of-a-Kind Products

Handmade at Amazon is a new store on for invited artisans to sell their unique, handcrafted goods to our hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. While we finish setting up shop, we invite artisans like you to browse some of our new features and apply to be a part of our launch….

 Tips for Creating Email Pitches

Writing a good email pitch to a retailer or sales rep is not as difficult as it Tips for Creating Email Pitchessounds.

I have experience with receiving email pitches, so I can share with you which are good email pitches and which are not — from my perspective.

General rules for email pitches:

  1. Make them short.  Buyers don’t want to wade through a bunch of fluff to get to the meat of your message.
  2. Don’t make assumption on what the buyer wants or needs

Sales Flyers and Line SheetsSales Flyers and Line Sheets

When you are getting ready to sell your products wholesale, what do you need?  An order form, wholesale agreement, line sheet, catalog, sales flyer or ???

Selling to retailer buyers is very different from selling to consumers — this is also true concerning the information buyers will need to make an intelligent decision.

I find that a hybrid of a catalog and a line sheet works very well.  But lets look at the differences…

Terms and Policies for Wholesaling

Having worked with lots of producers/artisans who are new to wholesaling,Terms and Policies for Wholesaling I know some of the most common issues.  Lots of pre-planning needs to be done before you make your first sales contact.  I have seen too many overly excited people wanting to wholesale, but were just not ready.

The first policy to look at is your pricing structure.  I will not be addressing pricing in this article, but you can find info on this here:  Pricing Your Products.  After making sure the pricing works for the wholesale market, we discuss terms and policies….

Why Retail Buyers Don’t BuyWhy Retail Buyers Don't Buy

You can have the best product in the world, and not be able to convince a buyer to purchase it for their store!

During my time as a sales rep, I think I have heard all the stories on why retail buyers don’t buy.  Most of the time they won’t tell you, but often, if you listen, they will drop hints about the reason…

The Arts Business Institute published a post recently that lists some excellent reasons why retail buyers don’t buy.  Here are their reasons…

Selling Through Independent Retailers

When you first start wholesaling your products, I recommend you make your Selling Through Independent Retailersfirst sales calls with independent retailers.  Too many producers wanted me, as their sales rep, to place their products in Costco or WalMart.  Not only did I not deal with these types of accounts, I told them this was the wrong place to start wholesaling.


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