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A series of inspirational Business Tips from the Big Magicbook:
Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
By Elizabeth Gilbert

“Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you? … The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them”
— Elizabeth Gilbert

Starting off the new year with an inspiring book by a well-known author seems very appropriate to me.

I must admit, though, I read the Summary and Analysis version, but want to read the full version as soon as possible — it is THAT good!

Being a highly spiritual person myself, I truly believe that each one of us has a gift inside us.  Whether it be the ability to paint, write, play an instrument, sing or dance, we all have an important gift to share with the world.

But because of our particular circumstances, upbringing or a variety of other reasons, we are afraid to follow the path of our gifts and talents.

Most reading this are probably already expressing that gift through their products and creations.  But did you ever think that those abilities were your gift to share with the world?

Well, stay tuned as we explore this concept through the writings of Elizabeth Gilbert.


“… ideas are alive, that ideas do seek the most available human collaborator, that ideas do move from soul to soul, that ideas will always try to seek the swiftest and most efficient conduit to the earth.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert

If you believe that there is something bigger than ourselves in this world, this quote will make perfect sense to you.

Ideas are ‘alive’ and we are created, in my opinion, to express those ideas.  If one person is not open to a particular thought or idea, I really believe that the idea will move on to someone else that will make it happen.

If you don’t believe this, think about a time when you were contemplating a certain idea or project, but just did not follow it through for one reason or another.  Then a few weeks or more, suddenly, the project you were thinking about making shows up somewhere else.

Magic …


“Every time you express a complaint about how difficult and tiresome it is to be creative, Inspiration takes another step away from you offended.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert

I don’t believe you can create your perfect life if you chose to complain about how your life looks like to you at the moment.

Life is one creation after another — whether it be a meal you are fixing, a job you are performing, a hobby that you are involved with, or a book you are reading.  Creative forces are at working within you.

A complaint snuffs out any form of creation or creative tendencies.  If you are open to the flow of creativity around you, you will see there is nothing to complain about!


“You may want your work to be perfect, in other words, I just want mine to be finished.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert

Trying to be a perfectionist can stifle creativity.

I represented an artist who turned her beautiful paintings into cards, prints, calendars and note pads.  She designed some beautiful stuff, but I had to work with her to help her get past thinking her products were not perfect.

Of course, not being an artist myself, I couldn’t even see the imperfections that she saw!  I thought they were beautiful and I wanted to sell them.  (Sorry, Kaye, if you are reading this!!)

Important lesson in this:  You can’t sell something if you don’t finish it!


“Inspiration is trying to send me messages in every form it can— through dreams, through portents, through clues, through coincidences, through deja vu, through kismet, through surprising waves of attraction and reaction, through the chills that run up my arms, through the hair that stands up on the back of my neck…”
— Elizabeth Gilbert

Oh my!  Have you ever thought about all the ways you receive inspiration?

When I go to bed at night, I list (in my head) all the things I am thankful for that occurred during the day … and even thankful for the things that I want in my life.

It is not uncommon for me to wake up with a flash idea that must have come to me in my sleep!

Even during tough times of seemingly no inspiration, Elizabeth ‘believes in the concept of staying busy because it will always open up another mental channel for inspiration to strike again.’

How about you?  How do you receive inspiration?


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