Overcoming Two Greatest Sales Obstacles

As I continue my series on sales techniques, I would like to share the two major obstacles can get in the way of closing sales: Fear of failure and fear of rejection.  Every person who wants to sell their products deals with these fears, but over time and with a little practice, you can turn these fears in a positive experience rather than a negative one.

First, failures are just a part of life.  Rather than dwell on your mistakes, make your failures a learning experience.  Look at what you can do, in the same circumstances, to make a better presentation, meet the buyers’ needs better, or just handle the situation differently.  Failures are just a stepping stone to the learning process.  Often we learn our best lessons when we have stumbled and moved on with a new perspective.

Fear of rejection can be very de-motivating if you let it control you!  When you approach a potential buyer as a potential friend who you have not yet met, your fears will decrease.  And expect to hear a lot of “Nos” in the beginning.  But remember, most negative responses you receive come from a variety of sources that often has nothing to do with you or your products.  You may have caught the buyers at a bad time, during a personal crisis, or dealing with an issue that had distracted them from seeing the value of your products and services.

With practice and continued sales meetings, you can learn to overcome these obstacles.  In the beginning, when I started in my sales career, I listened to lots of motivational tapes (way before CDs were available). Some of my favorite ones are from Zig Ziglar, Tony Robins and Brian Tracy. There are lots more motivational speakers, but these are my personal favorites.

My best advice is to just hang in there!  Eventually, some of the nos you get will turn into yes and your confidence will build in the process!The Complete Guide to Selling to Gift Shops Cover 150x128

I have more tips and techniques for dealing with store buyers in my eguide:  The Complete eGuide for Selling to Gift and Retail Stores.

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