Selling to the Four Different Personality Types

If you are familiar with personality testing, you know there are four different personality styles people portray while communicating with you.  Familiarizing yourself with the different styles and how they affect the way buyers respond to your sales pitch, will help you understand how to best sell to each style.  Following is a short summary on the four styles:

Controllers.  Often these personalities are in management positions.  These personalities take charge of situations and manage people within a company.  Maybe you have recognized controllers in situations with people who head organizations, are in places of authority or who supervise people where you have worked.  When selling to controllers, it is important to be exact and precise.  Most controllers are not interested in small talk, but want to know how your products will help their bottom line profits.  Be prepared for this type of buyer by knowing your facts ahead of time.

 Analyticals.  The analytical buyer will probably ask a lot of questions that no one else has ever asked you.  They want all the information possible in order to analyze the data before making a decision.  I am sure you have dealt with the person who a difficult time making a decision!  This type of buyer is often the harder to sell because they are so caught up in collecting information that making the decision becomes overwhelming to them.  Best way to aid them is by providing all the information they request and then give them some logical options.  Rather than asking if they want to buy product X, ask them if they rather buy product X in red or green.  Or better yet, offer to work up an order for them, based on their input and what you feel will sells best in their store.  Analytical buyers need your patience and understanding to work effectively with them.

 SupportersThis group of buyers makes their decisions based on how well they and their staff like you and your products.  Their decisions tend to be emotionally based, so you need to be sensitive to this group. Think of the most loyal friend or business acquaintance you know.  They are probably a supporter!  Developing a relationship with supporters is as important as selling your products as they will relay on your opinion and input concerning a product before they will consider buying it for their store.  Supporters normally do not buy from people they don’t like or trust completely.  Supporters tend to get upset easily when an issue arises, so be prepared to hear them out when and if this should happen.

 Promoters.  The largest group of gift store buyers fit into this group.  Promoters are usually fun and full of energy.  Remember the cheer leaders in school or the person who always starting new projects?  These people were probably promoters.  Promoters love their jobs and the retail environment.  The selling process is second nature to them, so they want to know what has sold best before making a buying decision.  These buyers are fun to work with because they respond to your enthusiasm with more of the same.  Most of their decisions are also emotionally based. They tend to forget to follow through with their buying decisions later, so make sure you get a full commitment from them before leaving their store.

Which personality type are you?  How well do you relate to these different types?




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