What is Selling?

Nearly everything we do in life involved some level of selling.  We “sell” ourselves to a potential employee when we go to an interview; we sell ourselves to the member of the opposite sex when we start a relationship; and we sell ourselves to our friends and business associates when we want to implement a new idea or concept to a group where we are a member.  Sales are involved in every part of our lives, in one form or another.

So What IS Selling?Salesperson 1

Selling products uses the same selling techniques as any other product or service.  According to Brian Tracy, author and speaker …

…selling is the process of helping a person to conclude that your product or service is of greater value to him than the price you are asking for.

Today’s buyers are much more informed, intelligent and knowledgeable than ever before.  Most are bombarded by numerous sales people and thus more careful in making their buying decisions.  The choices for products are greater than it ever has been in the past, so selling today involved much more than in the past.

Contrary to most conceptions, selling is NOT just talking a potential  buyer into purchasing your products!   Sales are about creating valued relationships with your buyers thus making it easier and profitable for them to buy from you rather than your competition.  Effective communications between you and your buyer is the key component in developing this valued relationship.

Mary Ellen Warner, MSA, DTM, speaker, author and coach who worked with people overcoming barriers to effective communication, explains ….

Your clients will tell you what they need, if you give them an opportunity.  If you focus on what you believe they need, you risk sending them on their way without a sale. Communication is not just about you talking about your product or service. It is about listening to the concerns of your customers.

Good salesmanship is working on meeting your customer’s needs through the services you provide. Whether you offer products, information, services or ??, selling is meeting your customers needs.  Too many times we forget this!

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