Are You Secretly Sabotaging Your Business?

Turning your dream into reality can take hard work — especially, if you turning your dream into a business.

So what drives most people to success?  Well, I believe it starts with passion … and believing you can do it!

I would never succeeded as a sales rep if I didn’t truly believe I could Sabotaging Your Businessdo it or had enough passion to get up on Monday morning, pack my bags and samples, and headed out on the road for the week.  It is no different that any other business start up!

But there are also ways that you may be sabotaging your business.

Jess Van Den from Create & Thrive describes the ‘5 ways you may be sabotaging your business’ in a recent newsletter I received :

1. Giving up too soon

Let’s just get this out of the way straight up. If you’re starting a handmade business expecting to be making a 6 figure profit in the first year – or even 2-3 years – please don’t bother….

2. Focusing on the negative …

No-one is responsible for the success or failure of your business but YOU.

Stop blaming, stop complaining, stop obsessing over your competitors, stop focusing on the negatives, and start focusing on the positives…

3. Split focus

…starting too many new things at once, and not being able to give any of them the attention they truly deserve because I’ve spread myself too thin.

It’s an oh-so-common pitfall amongst creative types, because we have so many ideas, and we get bored easily…

4. Too much ‘research’ not enough action…

Are you that person who has all the theoretical knowledge… but are yet to do anything about it?…

Stop planning and start doing…

5. Waiting for perfection

This is closely linked to number 4. Too often, people hang back from taking action because of fear.

They’re afraid of not being perfect. Of not having a perfect product, or perfect packaging, or perfect photography.

Nothing is ever perfect….

Technically, I am not a creative/artistic type, but I know these obstacle … and am guilty of a few of them. Giving up too soon has been an issue for me in the past. Now days, I have so much passion for what I do that it is on longer a problem … most days!

Having worked with (and living with) creative folks, I know how tough this is to get past these drawbacks and start being productive.  My husband, for example, does too much research, trying to reach perfections, that it hinders his productivity.

So, how about you.  How are you sabotaging yourself and your business? Better yet, what you going to do about it?

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