Cold Call Sales Presentations

As a sales rep to the gift industry, most of my sales presentations were cold calls.  I just stopped in the store on my way through town and gave my presentation — without an appointment.

Of course this did not always work as some buyers wanted me to make an appointment.  During those times, I introduced myself to the buyer and asked when the best time was to come back for a proper Cold Call Sales Presentationspresentation — in other words, I asked to schedule an appointment.

To conduct an effectives ales presentation, a few things need to be planned ahead of time:

Pre-Planning Materials

Believe it or not, you do not need much to make a good presentation to a gift buyer — but, you need to be prepared before you enter the store.

Good sales materials is the key and your sales material/flyers should include the following information:

  • Color image(s) of the products you are representing
  • Examples of your products for the buyers to touch, feel, smell or taste (where applicable)
  • Pricing per item and pricing per case lots required
  • Terms you will accept for payment (Net 30, prepayment, credit cards etc.)
  • Complete contact information including any or all of the following: name, company name, address, email, phone number, fax and website

Before you even ask to speak to the buyer, check out their store.  See what they are currently selling and how your products would comliment what is already displayed there.

Often, during these pre-walk- throughs, you will come up with ideas of how to help your buyer display and sell your own products.

When talking to the store personnel, put on your best smile and friendliest demeanor  Friendly goes a long way when dealing with people and getting them to talk to you.

Next, bring your pride and confidence in the various products you want to show your buyers!  Don’t be nervous or scared, as buyers are people just like you.  When I first approached stores buyers, I just told myself, before I even walked in the door, that buyers were just friends I had not met yet.  (And in many cases, that was just how it turned out).

Now, get your materials in order, and go sell your products!

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