Easy financing for your Business in five days or less

Gift Rep Sandy here with some interesting news — especially if you are ready for the next growth step in your company, but lack of funds is holding you back.

Are you one of the 4 in 10 businesses who could benefit from extra financing, today?

(If not, please forward my email to any business person you know, who might benefit!)

Think of things that will immediately help you grow your business:

  • Purchase (or lease) specialized equipment to reduce unit costs and expand production?
  • Upgrade or add office equipment via rent, lease, or purchase?
  • Expand your current facility (or buy one)?
  • Add another office location?
  • Increase inventory levels for increased sales, and fewer backorders?
    • (Or take on bigger clients?)
  • Roll out a marketing program, online or offline?
  • Develop new products? Or move into another market?
  • Hire a webmaster or service to upgrade and/or customize your website?
  • Add staff, including employees, contractors, or virtual assistants?
  • Use the funds for needs unique to your business?

I recently negotiated a relationship with David Allen Capital (DAC), a large Michigan-based, small business loan brokerage. And YOU can benefit from this happy arrangement.

I vetted this company thoroughly before deciding to represent them, and bring this to you. DAC works with 12 top lenders, responsible for over $10 BILLION in small business loans averaging $80,000, and ranging from $10K to $500K. (Do the math, that is about 125,000 businesses, in 700 industries…)

And they really don’t much care what you plan to use the money for. Lenders are mostly concerned with your cash flow.

No more potentially humiliating trips to an ominous bank and an overly friendly (or unfriendly) loan officer, where you pledge your first male-borne child, detail exactly how you are going to use the monies, and wait weeks (or months) for an answer.

My husband Malcolm and I both enjoyed contact with DAC owner David Rutz. He is an amazing, sincere, and engaging individual, who loves his crusade to make small business funding more accessible.

The application process is seamless, easy, FAST. And requires no collateral! All done from the comfort of your computer desk, and 100% can be done online. Pre-qualify in minutes.

I will outline the full (and easy) process in more detail shortly, but first the limitations:

You must be doing $100K in annual gross sales. Sorry if you are not there yet… but something to aspire to. (I’ve been there!!!)

Your business must be located in the US and/or Canada.

And (drumroll), since DAC offers programs for both excellent and poor credit, you only need a personal score of 500… pretty low. And of course, the higher your rating, the better the terms of your offer(s).

Anyway, things kinda go like this:

1.     Fill out the easy ONLINE pre-qualification form (less than 2 minutes)

2.     Someone from the DAC back office will contact you to see if you have questions, and help you fully understand the process. (PS Very nice folks.)

3.     They will email you a link to a simple 1-page application form and a request for a handful of simple documents, which are probably already in your file cabinet or via account links on your computer.

4.     Email back the form and attach the documents you pulled from your online accounts or scanned in from printed copies. (Note, snail mail works too, but really slows things down.)

5.     One business day later (two days if submitted late in the day) – and assuming you are approved – you will get one or more offers to consider. (80+% of applicants get at least one offer.)

6.     Once (and if) you decide to accept an offer, money will be in your bank in one to three business days. Note that you are NOT required to accept any offer. And you will completely understand the payment terms, prior to accepting.

You COULD have your financing in hand, within a week of RIGHT NOW. How would that change the prospect for your business in the near future?

So, what are you waiting for?

Below is the link to the one-page pre-qualification website, which provides more info, and the VERY BRIEF pre-app at the bottom. Then click SUBMIT.


Note that in the last two lines of the online form at the bottom of the page, you will be asked for the name of who referred to you, and his or her broker ID number.

Please use:

Sandy Dell


PS Copy and Paste recommended on the ID number! If the name and number don’t match, it will slow up your application process.

Click here now and get ready to grow your business!!

This is just too much fun! I could not wait to get this information to you.

I wish I’d had this opportunity about 2006 or 7, when we were growing exponentially with our food development company! We would have started our own processing kitchen. But then I would not be Gift Rep Sandy. Sigh! Every path is for a reason.

If you have any additional thoughts or questions, please email me at:


Let me know if you want to visit by phone. But seriously, most of what you need to know is on the website, and once you submit the form, a DAC home office representative will contact you, and give you better answers than I could. But I am here if you need me!

Here is the site, again:


PS I am also recruiting “bird dogs” and brokers to expand this program, helping even more small businesses. If interested in this kind of part-time opportunity, please email me!

Happy Profits!

Sandy Dell
‘Gift Rep Sandy’


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