All About Line Sheets

Every product based business needs a Line Sheets, Catalogs and/or Sales Flyers for their business.

So, first,  what is the difference between them?

  • Catalogs are usually color brochures in a catalog format of all your All About Line Sheetsproducts and options.  Catalogs are common in the retail arena, but are sometimes too much overkill for store buyers.
  • Line sheets are a listing of your products, available favors, colors, scents or designs, pricing per piece and pricing per case lot.  Most lines sheets also list terms and can be used as an order form in some cases.
  • Sales flyers are my favorite mode of sales materials for store buyers because they often include pictures with the information on each item in your line.  Depending on the size of your line of products, line sheets and sales flyers can be the same!

Depending on the purpose of your materials and if you are selling to consumers or retail buyers, one or more of these options may apply to your business.

As a sales rep selling to retail buyers, I used a version of sales flyers.  I found them to be the best option for me as they had both a listing of products as well as pictures.

When I had a company with a large line of products, I often used a hybrid between a line sheet and a sales flyer.  (After all, who wants to look at 25 nearly identical pictures of a package mix when just a few pictures and a listing of all types and flavors is necessary).

Andreea Ayers recently published an article on line sheets.  Here is what she suggests as important components to include on a line sheet.  (Of course, this is probably just a sematical difference, but I would call her example a ‘sales flyer’ rather than a line sheet as it contains lots of pictures!)

7 Essential Elements of a Line Sheet that Stands Out

1. Your Logo

First and foremost, your logo needs to be clearly placed at the top of the line sheet for easy brand recognition….

2. Your Contact Details

Either next to the logo or below it, include your contact details. This would be name of the contact person, phone number, street address, email address and of course, website address….

3. Color Photos

Then, come the photos. Ensure that all photos are colored, showcase your product in the best possible way and are the same size for uniformity.

Photos should have a neutral or white background, be professionally edited and most importantly, clear….

4. Product Details

… all your product details, neatly and again, accurately laid out.

In other words, include the following:

  • Name of product
  • SKU or Item #
  • Wholesale Price
  • Recommended Retail Price
  • Order Minimums
  • Variants – Sizes, Colors, Etc.

5. Payment Terms and Refund Policies

The next important section for your line sheet will be including what are your payment terms and refund policies.

Do you have a 30-day payment window, Net 60 or do they need to pay upfront? …

6. Shipping Details

The next item on your line sheet should be the shipping details. Include information on who is your preferred shipping partner as well as any expected timelines. Also include information on when an order will qualify for carriage-paid shipping, which is when you cover the shipping costs if an order is of a certain dollar value or quantity.

7. Special Terms and Offers

Finally and most importantly, are there any special offers or terms that you give retailers. For instance, you can have a non-compete for their area. Terms, like these, besides the regular bundled offers or BOGO offers will help you stand out in a crowded retail space….

For more information about Line Sheets and Sales Flyers, check out the following article:

You can also purchase examples of Sales Flyers and Line Sheets in the following resources:


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