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A series of Business Tips from the book: Odd Mom Entrepreneur Out
Odd Mom Entrepreneur Out: Eliminate Guilt, Grow Your Business + Elevate Your Life
By Rachel Olsen

Allow yourself to dream big! After all, you are going to all the trouble, time and expense of starting your own business, shouldn’t it fully empower you in every area of your life?
— Rachel Olsen

Dreaming, in my opinion, is typically the start of a new idea or new business.

When I was selling ads for our little ‘tidbits’ newsletter, I began dreaming about selling products to my customers.  I loved our little free newsletter, but I really didn’t like selling ‘space’.

It wasn’t long before I was foraging ahead as a sales representative for tourist products.  And, of course, the little newspaper and my business selling ads went away.

If you are like me, I began eating, drinking and sleeping my new business.  Not only did it make me and Malcolm and nice living, but it helped me grow out of my comfort zone and start developing some important skills.

Does your business empower every area of your life?  It should!

Stay tuned for more of entreprenenurial tips for new business — especially if you are a mom! …


Let’s be clear; it’s not about the money. It’s about reaching a place in your life where you give up the story that you need to struggle to make money.  It’s about truly becoming the woman you are meant to become.
— Rachel Olsen

So inspiring!

But, of course, it IS about the money — but if it is not about becoming the woman (or man) you are meant to become, then there is not much value in developing the business.

I really believe we are on this earth, at this point in time, for a reason.  That reason can be as simple as sharing our talents with others.  Somewhere along the timeline of mankind, it became all about the money.

Personally, if that is our main motivation, we are in the wrong business endeavor! Honestly, there may be easier ways to make money than through development of your own business.

You be the judge!


Before you go invest lots of money in hiring a designer, creating a website or prototype, you should determine if your idea is more than just an idea. Is it a viable business that your target market is searching for and wants?
– Rachel Olsen

In my years as a sales rep, I have seen folks develop an idea, and go into instant production, packaging or hiring expensive advertising services BEFORE they tested the market to see if their product was viable.

Not a good business practice at all.

Every product should be tested before going into full scale production.

One of the ways we test maketed our new products was through retail kiosks in our local shopping mall.  Of course, Farmer’s Markets and Craft Fairs are other good options.

Getting feedback from your potential customer BEFORE you start full scale production can save you lots of money and headaches.


Any aspect of your story that is relatable and has an emotional tie to your target customer/ audience will resonate. If you solve a problem they have or entertain them, they will be interested in what you offer.
— Rachel Olsen

People are intrigued by stories.  If you pay attention to most successful speakers, they often share a part of their story that their audience relates to in their own personal circumstances.

Story telling also works in sales — but with a slight twist.

I am sure you have heard these stories:  “I tried for years to lose weight, trying this product and that product.  Then I found XYZ product and lost XX pounds in 30 days (or whatever)!

Why do you think sales messages include these stories?  Because they work!

Next time you send out an email, post, tweet, or FB post, try to incorporate a bit of your story in the copy.


Whenever I am successful, I know I have chosen, consciously or unconsciously, to use the positive thoughts that created my success.
– Rachel Olsen

If you believe you will succeed, you will succeed!

Success starts in the mind first.  If you picture that new product you wish to create, you can make it.  And if you take that a step farther and see that others will like and buy it, you will sell it!

I realize that this is simlified, but it does work!  The power of positive thought is very powerful in creating the business you want to create.

On the other hand, if you feel something won’t work, most often, it won’t!  Why?  Because that is what you believe.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
― Napoleon Hill


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