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With the popularity of sites such as Ebay, Amazon and Etsy, many producers are forgetting the importance of developing their own website and ‘sales machine’.

Now, there is nothing wrong with posting your products on any of these Selling on Your Personal Website3-party websites.  Heck, we do it from time to time!  (And, of course, many of you know that I am a certified expert at Meylah!).  But nothing will substitute for having your own personal website.

A few years ago, I posted an article: Etsy Shop or Your Own Website?

Here is a summary of the reasons why I suggest having your own personal website:

  • You don’t own a shop on these platforms – the company does!
  • You don’t have much control over outside platforms – the company does!
  • You can get lost on outside platforms among all the other ‘stores’!
  • You cannot use your own URL on outside platforms!

Having said that, selling is selling … Whether you are using Ebay or your own website or the ole fashion way with catalogs or door-to-door sales!  Your website needs to sell your products!

Mckenna Hallett published an article outlining some of the basics of selling on your own personal website.  Here are the tips she outlines:

Why not drive traffic to your own site instead of a 3rd party site?…

  • You need to look professional. You need to have great visuals like graphics, logo, photos of your product and so forth….That full page ad in the newspaper (I know… what is a newspaper?) needs excellent photos and graphic design. So. Do. You!
  • You need to have compelling copy. You need to move people to want to “learn more” and move from just learning about you and your product or service to actually considering doing business with you. You need to move them into the decision stage. How do they make that choice to spend money with you?…
  • You want people to “act now”. As an analogy, if you put out a postcard advertising a sale, you would make it an immediately exciting offer. If you are posting big news or special offers in an email, on Social Media, or splashed across your home page leading them to a squeeze page, you always need them to act now. You need Selling Words on that page and a path your customer will follow until they say, “yes”.
  • You need to have a way that people can actually “act now” and do business with you immediately (think door-to-door sales). What would work in a mail piece? …  When you get offers from any source and you begin to think about spending money, what was working? What made you consider doing business with them? How can that apply to you, your product, or service? How can you apply this to a website page?

Take a look at your website or your website plan.  Are you looking at all the points and options Mckenna outlined?  Does your site look professional?  Do you have compelling copy and photos? Do you have offers or calls-to-action on your site?  And do you have a shopping cart of a way for buyers to buy now?

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