Do You Use Evernote?

With my busy life, many websites, and many aspects of my business, I am always looking for ways to make my life easier.  One of the ways I have uncomplicated my life is by using Evernote.Evernote

I love to use Evernote to save and tag webpages I want to read and maybe share content at a later day.  Since I typically hate ‘bookmarks’, this was a perfect alternative.

Being a bit new to this online tool, I was not fully aware of all the cool things it did until I read this article by Cara Lynne Livermore on How I Use Evernote

Here are some of her suggested uses that I didn’t know about at all until I read about them in her article:


The inbox is the first place I look every day. I put basic & important tasks, such as completing open orders in my Etsy shop and wholesale accounts. I’ll put each item into a checkbox list so I can go to my stock and pull everything out at once.


This is where I keep all of my upcoming/recurring projects.Another thing you’ll notice here is Reminders – I set up a reminder for each urgent/scheduled task, that way I won’t miss it. I also get the reminders sent to my email for every morning I have tasks to finish. I can see all of my reminders together, from all notebooks, in the Notes section.

One of the features I love is the ‘table’!  I list all my special follow up contact there, list all their information including a separate column for notes on their interests.  Since I have so many projects going at once, I can add a new ‘note’ with the contacts for each project I am working on.

I can also attach files to any of my notes, so I have all the information I need in one spot.  Very handy when so many different documents are connected to different projects!

And one of the really cool things about Evernote is that there is a desktop and online verse that you can ‘sync’ and use however you want!

After using Pocket, DropBox and other similar programs, I like Evernote so much better that I will be transferring all my important ‘stuff’ to this platform.

Of course, this is just a fraction of the tasks and features of Evernote.  If check out the Evernote for Small Business Tutorial, you will find all kinds of options to help you along with getting the most out of Evernote.

Also, check out more Evernote help tutorials here.

Since I am new to Evernote, I would love it if you could share ways that you use it.  With the endless options, there are probably a bunch of cool features and uses I have never thought about!!  Thanks!

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