Business Tips — End the Struggle and Dance with Life

A series of Business Tips from the book:End the Struggle

End the Struggle and Dance with Life: How to Build Yourself Up When the World Gets You Down
by Susan Jeffers

Dancing with life is moving into the flow of our experiences — good or bad — with a feeling of harmony, trust, gratitude, and love.
— Susan Jeffers

A few weeks ago we featured another book of Susan Jeffers:  Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.  I received so many positive reviews of her tips that I decided to take a look at another one of her books:  End the Struggle and Dance with Life.

I love the name of this book!  It depicts the possibility of ending our struggles and conflicts and learning to enjoy life!  After all, if we can’t learn to enjoy life, what are we here to do?

So End the Struggle is sort of part two of her Feel the Fear book.  Personally, I read this many years ago, but an anxious to get back into it and see how much I have learned in the 20 years since it was published.

Stay tuned for more of Susan’s tips on learning to enjoy life…


I believe that there is a place within each and every one of us that is the source of all the Divine qualities such as love, caring, intuition, strength, appreciation, joy, bliss, and gratitude.  When we “live” in that wondrous place, which I call the HIGHER SELF,  … we are free to enjoy the best that life has to offer.
— Susan Jeffers

Do you ‘visit’ the place within you that is has the Divine qualities that Susan is talking about?  It is there, if you look for it and ‘feed’ it.

We all have the capacity for joy and bliss, but too often we focus on the negativity around us and miss the wonder of life.

So how do we stay in this place of love and caring?  I truly believe we are there whenever we look at like with gratitude instead of regret, disappointment, despair or hate!

Susan suggests many reasons why we resist this pathway.

  • Wrongly associating Spirituality with religion
  • Small thinking — inability to believe that you are more than you think you are
  • Can’t understand that there could be another way of seeing the world

Are you resisting the path because of the reasons above?  Most of us have been there too, so lets help each other past our limited thinking!


The only thing we can effectively control is our reactions to whatever life hands us.
— Susan Jeffers

Susan suggests that we wear the world as a ‘loose garment’.  In other words ….

  • Letting go and cutting the cord that keeps us a prisoner
  • Not hanging on so tightly to the way it’s “supposed” to be
  • Trusting that all is well, that life is happening perfectly
  • Seeing the possibility of love and growth that exists in all experiences, good or bad.
  • Recognizing that the ebb and flow of life can be faced from a place of harmony instead of struggle.

Isn’t this reminiscent of her book about letting go of fear?

And, life is so much more enjoyable if we let go of the desire to control everything around us and just concentrate on controlling ourselves, our lives, and our businesses?

Look at a time when things did not go your way with a certain project or product you were working on.  Did you get upset, blame someone, and/or give up or did you learn and grow from the situation?  It is all in your reaction!


Success is living a full and balanced life in partnership with other to create a joyful feeling of love, contribution, appreciate, and abundance, despite how our endeavors may turn out.
— Susan Jeffers

Susan’s definition of success focuses on the process instead of the outcome.  And once we focus on the process, we start to work together to find solutions.

I can’t help but wonder about the state of our country when thinking through Susan’s words.  What would happen if we applied these principles of success to the activities we are involved in instead of ‘fighting’ each other.  Instead, how about spreading love and appreciate with those we come in contact with everyday.

What would happen if we decided to work at what we could do to benefit everyone in our industry — wouldn’t we all succeed if we took that stance?

Think about what you can do to love and support others and see what happens!


Feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction do not come from striving to be perfect.  They do come from the process of using our inner power, beauty, and love in a creative, expansive, positive, and loving way.
— Susan Jeffers

What a relief to know that we don’t need to do things perfectly to gain satisfaction from our work. I don’t know about you, but I am a long ways from perfection!!!

I agree with Susan when she emphasizes putting a ‘loving effort into whatever we do in life.”  In other words, do what you do with passion and gusto!!

Contentment with life is bringing out what is within each of us in the best creative form we can.  If you are an artist, or a singing or a writer, just express the best that you are through your special talent.

Don’t let the need to be perfect get in the way of enjoying life to the fullest!


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