Newsletter or Blog?

While doing my daily ‘lurking’ on social media, I noticed artisans, professional crafters and small producers asking about writing a newsletter or blog — which is better?  How can I implement one or either?  What do I write about?

I started my blog back in 2009 when I starting traveling less and less for my sales rep business.  At that time, I implemented a newsletter to Newsletter or Blog?accompany my blogging.  It was my desire to reach as many folks as possible, to connect, and offer them a great experience in marketing their business.

Now, nearly seven years later, I continue to follow the same strategy, and find that others have followed!

Leanne Regalla, Make Creativity Pay, agrees with me in her article:

Struggling to Sell Your Creative Work Online?  You Might Be Missing This Key Ingredient

She lists numerous points in her article, but here are a few to share about newsletters or blogs:

Put those updates, or your newsletter content, out on your blog…

Here’s how the process works:

  1. You post an interesting, fun, and/or educational update your blog,
  2. You send excited and engaged traffic to your post by sending an email to your audience and asking them to check it out,
  3. If your content’s good, people will comment and share it on social media,
  4. You increase your know, like, and trust factor because you’re engaging in conversation with your fans, finding out what they respond best to, and building loyalty.
  5. Eventually, because you’ve done step 4, people will buy from you.

Why is this a good system?  Because your fans (or potential buyers) will get to know you, like and trust you (#4) which will increase your sales!

So, having trouble figuring out what to blog about?  Here are some of Leanne suggestions:

Make your emails enticing. Use curiosity and excitement to get folks to click over to your blog. You can say things like:

  • Want to be the first to see my latest project?
  • Help me choose what to work on next!
  • I’m touring! Here’s how to see me in your town.
  • I’m afraid to show you this because it’s so personal, but here goes

Great suggestions!

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I also recommending reading Leanne’s complete article:  Struggling to Sell Your Creative Work Online?  You Might Be Missing This Key Ingredient.









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