Why Join Facebook Groups?

If you have never joined a Facebook group, I can guarantee, you are missing some wonderful opportunities for your business.

Personally, I joined Facebook somewhere in 2009-2010.  At that time, Facebook Groupsthere were very few group and not many business pages.  Over time, I started seeing more and more special interest groups pop up and I joined a few of them.

I hate to admit how many groups I have joined since that time.  So many of them have enriched my life with tips, inspiration and just plain ‘fellowship’ with the members.

I love Ken Blanchard explanation of a group — which also includes most Facebook groups:

A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of the others.”

So why join a Facebook group?  What are the benefits:

  1. Networking with like minded people.  Since networking no longer needs to be face-to-face, sharing ideas with peers works beautiful online.  No need to join clubs, attend meetings, or belong to organizations.  You can participate in the discussions with members or you can just ‘lurk’ around to see what is going on (and no one will think a thing of your lurking!!).
  2. Share opportunities.  Most groups typically share new software, or programs that can help you grow your business.  Often, a member will be looking for a particular service that they need or that I would like to use as well.  Rather than spend the time researching the service myself, I can just ask the members for their recommendations
  3. Share information.  I love reading the shared information on groups.  I have discovered so many new and easier ways to promote my particular business through the ideas and suggested shared in the groups I participate in.  I also discover some of the unanswered questions or information through these groups that I often address in an article later.

Some of my favorite groups for product based business are the following:

And let’s not forget my newest group:  Selling to Retailers

Selling to Retailers Facebook Group

If you wish to sell your products to retailers, but have no idea how to even start wholesaling? Want to grow your product based business using sales reps or exhibiting at wholesale trade shows?

This is the place to seek out more info, exchange ideas with fellow producers, craftspeople, artisans and manufacturers.

We also share product and marketing tips, salesmanship, pricing and packaging ideas and ….. ??








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