Tips for Successfully Selling at Fairs

Summer fair and farmer’s market season is currently going strong this time of the year.  Are you successful selling at fairs?  Are you making the sales you want and are hoping for?Tips for Successfully Selling at Fairs

Maybe you have been too timid to exhibit in a local fair and need some help.  Don’t despair if the summer has come and gone — the best fairs are during the holiday season.

Let me help with some tips from a guest post by Mckenna Hallett on the Artsy Shark website:

10 Easy Tips for Better Sales at Your Next Art Fair

  1. Be sincerely interested. Be genuinely curious about them.
  2. Smile. (Really. I mean it: SMILE! Right now! Just do it and see how it changes YOUR mood.)
  3. Do and say things that will make people smile. (Hint: it starts with your smile)
  4. Make people feel good.
  5. Ask questions.
  6. Ask more questions, listen fully to the answers, and then pause before you speak.
  7. We all want to talk about ourselves. Let them to talk about themselves. It’s never really your “turn” to speak.
  8. Make people feel like they are the center of the universe.
  9. Make it obvious in your words and deeds that you care about what matters to them.
  10. Make sure they know from the first moment to the last that everything is All About Them!

Having attended and exhibited in tons of wholesale and retail shows, I can relate to Mckenna’s tips.

The two that stand out the most, in my experiences, is to smile, smile, smile (believe me, I have come home from shows with a sore face from smiling so much!!)

The second most important is to make the conversation about THEM not you!  In reality, the customer wants to figure out how your piece, gourmet food, widget or jewelry will make their life better.  They really don’t care as much about all the work you put into it, how you picked out the perfect stones, or how unique the item is on the market.

Successful salesmanship can be summed up in these two tips (which is just a condensed version of Mckenna’s ten tips).

And remember, when you feel nervous, the next customer that comes by is just a new friend that you have not yet met!







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