Getting More Phone Call-Backs

With the high cost of travel, contacting buyers via phone calls seems to be the best options for many small producers.  But so often, buyers are not in, not available to talk on the phone, or want vendors to get back to them at a later day.  Getting More Phone Call Backs

So what can a producer do to get more phone call backs?

But before we get into the 5 tips to get call backs, I HIGHLY recommend you do your due diligence to qualify stores before you call them:

The first time you consider contacting a potential retail store account spend time studying the store and the products they carry on their website (if they have one).. Do they inventory products that are similar to your products?  Will your price point fit into their current merchandising scheme? The information you glean from researching your potential store will go a long ways towards helping you close a sale.

Jeb Blount from Sales Gravy addresses getting more phone call backs in his article:

5 Steps to Leaving Voicemail Messages That Get Returned

  1. Identify Yourself. Say who you are and the company you work for up front. This makes you sound professional and transparent.
  2. Say Your Phone Number Twice. …Give your contact information upfront and say it twice – slowly. Plus, after they hear your name and company they may not care about the rest of your message because based on their situation they can infer what it is about.
  3. Tell Them the Reason for Your Call. …There is nothing more irritating to a buyer than a salesperson who is not honest about their intentions. After you give your personal information just say, “The reason for my call is” or “the Purpose of my call is”, then tell them why you are calling and what you want. Transparency is both respectful and professional.
  4. Give Them a Reason to Call You Back. Prospects call back when you have something that they want or are curious about. … When you have knowledge, insight, information, special pricing, new or improved products, a solution to a problem, etc. you create a motivating force that compels your prospect to call you back.
  5. Repeat Your Name and Say Your Phone Number Twice. Before you end your message, say your name again slowly and clearly and always, always say your number twice.

Bonus Tip: Keep voice mail messages to thirty seconds. When you hold yourself to thirty seconds it forces you to be clear, succinct, and professional.

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