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Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams 

by Jeff Walker

The rules of business and marketing have changed, and those changes have killed many businesses.  But the changes have also created enormous opportunity for thousands of others.
— Jeff Walker

Jeff’s story is one of those ‘rags to riches’ stories that intrigues and inspires the best of us.

Using his newly designed “Product Launch Formula”, his first launch brought in $34,000 in one week!  At that point, his wife quit her job and joined him in his new business venture.

Now, I have read lots of books like this one — using formulas to get a product going — but have not heard of such a startling response as quick as this one with as little experience as Jeff had at the time.

So …. what the heck, let’s hear him out and see how his Product Launch Formula works …


… the one asset John (example in the story) had in his launch was a small email list — people who had requested that he stay in touch with them via email.
– Jeff Walker

Having an email list is not a new technique for marketers and small businesses.  And I don’t mean a Feedburner list attached to your blog — although that is better than nothing.

Most website templates, whether it is a WordPress or ecommerce site, have an option to add an email sign up box.  Personally, I use AWeber for most of my business emails, but MailChimp’s free option will also work. (3DCart has an internal email system that we use as well.)

Emailing customers about new products, sales, special promotions, or just sharing your story can increase sales.  Whenever we send out an email to our Tastes of Idaho customers, we, inevitably, generate extra unexpected sales.

Emailing customers keeps you and your company in the minds of your potential consumers and buyers.  It is an easy, inexpensive marketing tool!


(Certain) types of campaigns create a huge amount of buzz and excitement BEFORE THE PRODUCT IS EVER RELEASED.  In fact, sometimes the product release becomes an event in and of itself.  Hugh anticipation surrounds the launch, and people are genuinely engaged and paying attention.
—  Jeff Walker

Pre-launches, as described by Jeff, can be lots of fun and very profitable.

If you don’t know what this is all about, think of the way many film producers introduce a new film:  Trailers, media hype and set release dates.  By the time the film is actually shown in the theaters, most fans already know about it and are ready to buy the necessary tickets to view the film as soon as possible.

Have you ever thought about ways you can use that same technique when introducing a new product in your line?

With all the free social media networks at our finger tips, this option is more accessible than ever before.  And, if you have the recommended email list of past and/or potential customers, you have a ready-made audience to engage in your ‘event’.


So let’s start with a nearly universal truth:  people find conversations a lot more interesting than monologues or lectures.  And the evolution of the Internet has basically been on long movement toward increased conversation.
— Jeff Walker

We talked, yesterday, about the power of the internet to promote a campaign or pre-launch of new products.  But how about just the use of the internet and social media to have conversations with your buyers and potential customers.

If you had not noticed, customer service is one of the number one reasons why someone buys or does not buy from a company.  And customer service is all about developing a relationship and engaging in conversations with your customers.

Building relationships and extending good customer service on or offline is an opportunity for smaller businesses to complete on a level playing field with larger corporations.

The best way I know to build these relationship is through the many venues available through the internet:  Facebook pages and groups, LinkedIn personal and company profiles, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, email, and numerous others.


You can’t rely on one single marketing message; instead you need to think in ‘sequences’.
– Jeff Walker

Single communications no longer ‘cuts it’ in the vast amount of marketing messages thrown at us every day.  Especially if you are targeting a certain group.

Which is where sequences your messages make a point that build upon each other — thus promoting your product or brand in much greater frequency.

Jeff’s Product Launch Formula consists of the following four components:

  • Pre-Prelaunches — building anticipation among your most loyal fans
  • Prelaunch — the heart and soul of your sequencing
  • Launch — the big day you’ve been building up to
  • Post-Launch — the clean-up sequence

To find out the details of each of these steps, I suggest you get a copy of Jeff’s book, Launch!


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