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The Freedom Formula:  How to Put Soul in Your Business and Money in Your Bank

By Christine Kloser

Every business has a soul; an energy that exists inside the business that permeates every aspect of the entity and the impact it has on the world. 
— Christine Kloser

Christine was one of my first mentors/coaches in my sales business way back at the beginning.  I subscribed to her monthly coaching program and read her books.  She opened up a new world for me concerning my thoughts and attitudes about my sales rep business.

Have you ever thought about what the soul or energy is behind your business?  What makes it run; what makes it success; what makes it worth doing?

So what is the ‘soul’ of your business?  Why, of course, it is YOU!  Everything that you do impacts the success of your business.  You, of course, are the driving force and inspiration behind your business.

According to Christine, we each need to know about the elements of being a conscious business owner.

Stay tuned as we explore Christine’s four components of a conscious business…


Component #1:  A conscious business makes money.
— Christine Kloser

Of course, that is an obvious statement, but unless you have completed a detailed analysis of your costs and pricing, you may not know what or even if you are making any money.

And, in my case, sometimes, my desire to help people out weights my desire to make money — which is admirable, but a dumb thing for me (or any other business) to continue doing.

I found it hilarious, considering our upcoming presidential election, that Christine asks if it is really possible to combine Mother Teresa and Donald Trump!

In the case of a product based business, you can’t survive if you continue to offer big discounts or offer free items to family and/or friends.

If you are not making money, you are not a business.  You are a hobbyist!


Component #2:  A conscious business makes a difference.
– Christine Kloser

Does your business make a difference to the people who buy from you?

If your product fills a need in someone’s life or family, then, yes, you are making a difference.

In my Tastes of Idaho business, we sell a large selection of huckleberry products which makes them available to lots of people who couldn’t or are unable to pick their own wild huckleberries.  We originally started this business because there was so much demand for these products and very few outlets that carried them.

Then, on the other hand, you can, sometimes, serve your customers best by referring them to someone else.  Your business becomes more conscious when you can let go of the need to be everything to everyone and just help your customers get what they want and need.

Like Christine says:

...when you are committed to making such a difference that you, or your prospect’s highest good is going to be served by not doing business together, you wish them well in working with a different company


Component #3:  A conscious business calls you to be fully who you are.
— Christine Kloser

If you are not being who you are when you conduct business, Christine says you are not running a conscious business!

All of us go through the ‘should’ phase:  I should do this with my business; I should talk to this person’ I should sell with this venue.  All of this is just defining who and what your business is.  But if you are doing things because you ‘should’, you are not expressing your best self or your best for your business.

We need not be afraid of who we are.  Sharing of ourselves and being who we really are is the strongest asset we have as a business owner.

Christine suggests to “embrace everything that feels easy, natural and graceful.”  Deep down, this is how we know we are coming from the most authentic part of who we are.  Isn’t that what makes each of us unique and different?


Component #5:  A conscious entrepreneur trust in their Divine Plan.
— Christine Kloser

Now, Christine is NOT talking about religion with this statement.  She explains that no matter what is happening around you, “you continue to step forward in every moment and trust that your Divine Plan is perfectly unfolding in your life.”

In other words, don’t let your current circumstances — especially if they are chaotic — throw you off, panic you or just cause you to deviate from your plan and goals.

This lesson is something I had to learn quickly in sales.  There will be lots of nos before you get a yes answer!  That is how it is sometimes, but don’t let it discourage you or make you give up on your goals and dreams.

Christine further describes this perfectly:

When you feel negative emotions rising within you, it’s time to make a conscious shift away from the dark, downward spiral of those emotions.

We’ve all been there, and we all know this too shall pass!


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