You Don’t Need Permission

I am sure you are wondering what the heck I mean by saying that you don’t need permission?

Of course, you don’t need anyone’s permission to build your website, start that new project, visit that buyer …. But are you acting like you don’t need permission?

Boy, I did that for years.  I always felt like I needed the approve of SOMEONE before I could move forward with my dreams and ideas.

Stop that!!  Needing permission is just a crazy stopping of your mind from doing what you want to do!!

Rob Fortier reminds of this in his recent article:

You Don't Need Permission

No One Is Going to Anoint You

So ask yourself- are you waiting for someone to tell you it’s okay to build the business you want the way you want?  If so, here are 5 tips to get you moving and taking action.

Don’t wait for perfection.  Trying to be perfect all the time will kill your business.  Of course, you always want to put your best foot forward, but sometimes done is better than perfect.  If you wait for perfection, you might just be waiting forever!

Use your talents.  Don’t think that just because you’re running a business, you need to check your talents at the door.  Get out of the “supposed to” mindset and use what comes naturally to you to help your business grow, whether that be your creativity, your social and networking skills, or your writing ability.

Keep the end goal in mind.  Remember that there’s a reason why you wanted to run your own business.  Spend a few minutes re-connecting to your ‘why’.  Focus on what it will feel like to have your business running the way you want and reaping the rewards.  Get specific about how you want everything to look.  These positive thoughts and feelings will help fuel you to keep moving when the nay saying thoughts try to creep in.

Stop worrying what others think.  No matter how wonderful/helpful/innovative/amazing you are, someone is always going to suggest a way you could have done it better.  Always.  So if you know that you did well and you’re getting customers/making sales/receiving positive feedback, don’t sweat the Negative Nancys.

Only you can hold YOU back.  There’s no sense in waiting to be declared King of the Mountain (or whatever fun title you desire).  You need to claim your right to have it, and do the work it takes to achieve it.  So start telling yourself that “you can” instead of waiting for someone else to tell you.

Unless you hit a dangerous curve, I encourage you to keep your foot firmly planted on the gas petal.  You don’t need anyone else’s permission to create a business you love- only your own!

Well said, Rob!

And for those who still can’t seem to get past this …. you have my permission to go forward and succeed in life!




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