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No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent:  No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide to Getting Really Rich

By Dan Kennedy

#1 No BS Key to the Vault:  Make all your marketing to the affluent mirror the way they see and think about themselves.
— Dan Kennedy

Everyone wants to have their products loved, desired and bought by the affluent.

Dan Kennedy, who is a multi-millionaire marketer, outlines his step-by-step system for marketing to the affluent in his interesting book on the subject.

Malcolm and I were fortunate enough to see him live in St Louis many years ago.  We have read many of his books, own most of his “No B.S.” book series and have read his newsletters for years.

So, Dan explains the different affluent groups, what they think and how they buy.  He especially suggests appealing to powerful woman — often the wealthiest people of the world.

Stay tuned for more of his marketing to the affluent tips…


#2 BS Key to the Vault:  Who you bring through your door matters a lot.  Why not deliberately get higher value customers?
— Dan Kennedy

I had a potential vendor who under-priced her jewelry and could not understand why she was not getting good sales.

First why undersell yourself, and why sell so ‘everyone’ can afford your products?? I suggested she significantly raise her prices and looks for classier packaging to attract more affluent buyers who would appreciate her jewelry.

Selling yourself short is something I have done as well — at least in the beginning — but I learned quickly that I could attract more income by increasing my prices and offering better value for folks that had money.

Dan talks about the attracting affluent boomers, the biggest market segment,  to target with your products.  How do you relate to affluent baby boomers?


#3 NO BS Key to the Vault:  Your desired customer’s attitudes about things related to your products or service matter much more than any facts about your product of service.
— Dan Kennedy

Affluent boomers, according to Dan, are less interested in the benefits of your products — which is what most consumers and buyers are concerned about.  Instead, affluent folks tend to respond to stories that they can relate to about or concerning their age group.

Consumers in this category like to be treated with respect, without all the slang or shallow answers to questions.  Since they are older, they may not know the ins and outs of some modern technology, but have far more wisdom than the typical 20-30 year old sales people.

Of course, this is true for all customers across the board, but seems to be of high importance to affluent boomers.

Bottom line, if you want to sell to affluent boomers, you might want to either be a boomer (as you will relate better) or spend some quality time with a boomer (parent or grandparent) to find out what they respond to best.


#4 No BS Key to the Vault:  Be a good-news merchant.  Sell optimism along with whatever you sell.
— Dan Kennedy

Sell optimism with every sale you make — whether it is to the poorest customer or the richest customer.

Most potential customers want to be sold — believe it or not.  If something catches their eye, often, they want you to “sell” them on the item.  Potential customers want to justify their purchase, and the best way I can think of to do that is to tell them all the ways this item will enrich their lives.  Share the optimism about your product!

According to Dan, affluent folks are more optimist than most other economic groups.  (Maybe it is because they have plenty of money!??).  Optimists attract optimists in their life and work. So join in on their optimism!

I like Dan’s quote:

Whatever else you are a merchant of, be sure that you are also a merchant of good news.


#5 NO BS Key to the Vault:  Create the tribe your desire customers are eager to be a member of.
— Dan Kennedy

People segregate themselves into groups, tribes, clubs and neighborhoods since the beginning of time.  According to Dan, this practice is much more important among the affluent:

… the overriding driving force of affluent tribalism is validation of superiority.

This group, just like most other groups, is greatly influenced by what others in their group feel and purchase.  In other words, if a celebrity genuinely endorses your product, you are more like to sell to the rest of ‘their tribe’.

I often think about “The O List” in Oprah’s magazine. Member’s of her tribe, I am sure, base some of their purchases on what she features in her list.

These are just some of the “No BS Keys to the Vault” from Dan’s book.  Check out a copy to read all his great tips!


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