The Importance of Testimonials

Most of us try a new store, restaurant or product based on the recommendation of a friend.  If our friend or relative liked it, we are more likely to give it a try.

According to Jacob Maslow, in his article posted on

A staggering 90 percent of consumers read reviews online, and 88 percent trust these reviews just as much as a personal recommendation.

So even if we don’t know the person, we still pay attention to what they say The Importance of Testimonialsabout a product or service.

I often think about Amazon: The king of testimonials.  Before I buy a product from their store, I always read through their testimonials.  That was how I figured out I needed to buy a size smaller on a clothing item I bought once because folks who already bought the item said they ran large.  Good to know!

So how do you get customer testimonials?

Jacob Maslow’s article lists several ways to obtain testimonials (although the article is directed towards service based business, it still has lots of good ideas for product based business).

Testimonials and Your Business: 5 Types to Boost Your Business

End of project interviews: When your project or service comes to an end, you can use this to interview clients and ask for a testimonial. Ask for their insight on whether you need to fix anything that could have made the customer happier, administer a quick survey, or leave a text box for a testimonial or comment. Use those comments or reviews on a testimonial section of your website.

Testimonial swaps: Does your business deal with a lot of B2B companies? If so, tell the company that you would really like to leave a reference and ask if they would do the same for you….

Case Studies: …Asking clients, in any business, to be part of your case study is a very powerful tool. If a client gives you an amazing testimonial stating how your business helped them in some way, ask if you can use it in a case study.

Website testimonials: Your website is your company’s portal to the world, and a client testimonials page is just one of the many ways you can use endorsements to your advantage. It’s also a good idea to include these testimonials on your main page or near a call to action to boost conversion rates.

Social media: …Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or one of the many other social media platforms, you need to showcase recommendations, comments, and reviews. Retweet praises of your company, showcase testimonials on your Facebook page, and even screen capture a testimonial to post on Instagram.

Testimonial videos: Videos can be a very powerful tool to encourage others to use your products or services. You can also ask the person to make a brief video testimonial and send it to you. With smartphones being in everyone’s pocket, it is often faster and easier for a client to leave a testimonial via video.

In my case, I just asked a good customer if they would write a testimonial for me.  And often, folks email me with praises for a certain product they purchased.  After I thank them for their kind words, I always ask if I can use their comments in my marketing materials.  I have never had anyone tell me no!!

What ways do you generate testimonials?





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  1. October 31, 2016 at 5:25 am

    We have just started to include a note with each Etsy or Amazon order, asking the purchaser to give us a review and offering to send a 30% discount coupon for their next order. Once we see the review, we email them the coupon.

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