How to Interest Sales Reps in Working with You?

I have been approached by hundreds of producers wanting me to rep their lines.  Most of the messages I get are ‘canned’ emails — probably sent to hundreds of other sales reps.  It is obvious that they have never looked me up to see if I was a good fit for their line.How to Interest Sales Reps?

Waste of mine time and theirs!

So what do you say to get a sales rep to notice you?  I received this email a week or so ago that impressed me so much that I asked to share excerpts as an example of what to say:

Email Letter From a Producer Looking for a Sales Rep

Sandy, Good afternoon,

I’m emailing you after reading your long journey with sales and being a rep!  Wow, your awesome!

I have been selling myself on my own for 24 years ….  I’m reaching out to you and wondering if you can please be so kind as to direct me?  I’m looking for reps to help me sell my XX line.  I have gone thru many changes these past few years and starting all over again.  Faith, like you is what keeps me going.   I’m a one man team right now, and looking for a great reps to work with and hoping you can help me… I’m looking for Reps to approach the small stores.  I’m not interested in the big chains, as they kill you on the wholesale price, shipping, etc.  As you know, very well.  Below, is what I send out to potential clients and old ones.
(She submitted a two paragraph description of her line of products)

Sandy, I appreciate your time and feedback, on the above.  Looking forward to hearing from you on suggestions or lead to the right team for me.   I don’t know, if I fit in with what your selling already?   If you can help me I appreciate it.  Have a wonderful day!

WOW was my first response!  She definitely got my attention as this was obviously a thoughtful email asking for my help — focusing on what she already knew about me and how she needed help.

So many of the emails I get basically tell me how wonderful their line is and how much money I will make selling it!

Sorry, but that does NOT convince a sales rep to consider your line!

This gal obviously looked me up, saw what I did, and appealed to that side of me.

Bottom line:  Spend some time researching potential reps before you approach them with a canned message about your line!

NOTE:  Unfortunately, I turned her down as I only rep for Idaho based companies, but told her what a great letter she had written me.

So, does anyone know a sales rep that might be able to help this gal.  Here are her websites:








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