Meet with a Walmart buyer via Retail MBA

As you probably know, Gift Rep Sandy (that’s me) specializes in training to help you start selling products at wholesale, starting with independent stores, and moving up from there.

Unfortunately, my expertise does not extend to selling wholesale to the big boys. As a result, I have searched for years to find that person who can help you jump to the next level.

I’ve now found the pot at the end of the rainbow, and I hope you and your business, are ready, to stamp YOUR name on this “next level” training.

Karen Waksman is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speaker and Consultant. She has sold millions of units to the World’s Largest Retailers and now dedicates her time to teaching Entrepreneurs like you, how to market and sell their products to Major Retailers, Online Retailers, and Catalogs!


Introducing RETAIL MBA, or “How to Sell Your Products to Major Chain Retail Store!”

Karen’s MASSIVE, comprehensive trainings are available in DVD and/or online video, with three price points/payment options. Check it out here:

==> ==> RETAIL MBA <== <==

Enjoy 15 hearty modules and 8 feature-rich bonus trainings/resources with these packages!

(And of course, buy now to enjoy the sweet tax deduction in 2016!)

Here is some of the mouth-watering content available with Karen’s program:

  • Module #1:How to Develop Your Retail Sales/Distribution Strategy
  • Module #2:Chain Store Fundamentals
  • Module #3:Preparing Your Product For Chain Store Success
  • Module #4:Preparing Your Pitch
  • Module #5:Finding the Right Buyer For Your Product Type
  • Module #6:Pitching Your Product to Chain Stores
  • Module #7:The Face to Face Meeting: How to Rock the Buyer Meeting
  • Module #8:What to Expect From a Chain Store Order
  • Module #9:Working with Distributors
  • Module #10:Hiring a Manufacturer’s Rep
  • Module #11:Selling at Trade Shows
  • Module #12:Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Module #13:Selling Products to Online Retailers
  • Module #14:Selling Products to Catalogs
  • Module #15:Selling Products to Small Retailers

AND, $4000 in amazing bonus materials!

To see the video testimonials, full content of the 15 modules, and descriptions of eight free bonus resources (worth 2x the cost of the program all by themselves) click below:

==> ==> RETAIL MBA <== <==

You will be amazed!




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