Preparing for the Holiday Season, Part 2

Last week I posted an article on several of the best tips (collected from previous years) on how to prepare for the holiday season.  (If you missed this article, check it out here)

Recently, I found two more excellent articles on the subject — and, well, we can never read too many tips on preparing for the holidays!!Preparing for the Holiday Season, Part 2

The first article is from the Wholesale in a Box website:

Your Survival Kit for Wholesale Around the Holidays

3 key things to do (and not do) for makers growing wholesale around the holidays:

1. Keep the long view and focus on building relationships.
Some stores are still buying in November to fill gaps in their holiday selection but almost all are shopping for new products, even if they’re not currently buying. Every maker knows that a strong wholesale business comes from strong, long-term relationships with stores — so whether that great store partner places her first order with you on November 15 or January 15 or March 15 is less important than building that relationship overall.

2. Choose your approach based on the stage of your business.
Very busy right now but want to grow wholesale?
Only do what will be highest impact for your growth 6 months from now.

Not as busy as you’d like, and want to grow wholesale?
Use this time to create foundations for growth….

3. Don’t get holiday tunnel vision.

Just as many retailers are buying in August for Christmas, they’re also buying in November for Valentine’s Day…. and in January for the summer….

The second article is from The Mogul Mom website:

How Small Business Owners Can Prepare For The Holidays

Here are a few simple ways you can plan ahead:

  1. Schedule Your Social Media
    The holidays are the perfect time to get in front of potential customers on social media. You can get ahead of the game by pre-scheduling your social media updates….
  2. Cue Up Your Marketing Efforts
    Marketing efforts exponentially increase with the holidays. (Check out the article for UPS page tips)…
  3. Stay On Top Of Your Sales And Expenses
    The hyperdrive months leading into the holidays can be a particularly frenetic time for both business and personal spending.  (Check out my article on Setting Up Bookkeeping Systems) …
  4. Get Help With Packing and Shipping
    Getting a package into a customer’s hands quickly and safely is an absolute must. But when orders increase quickly, it can be hard to ensure that everything is wrapped up perfectly and sent out in a timely fashion. (Check out my article on Shipping and Delivery Systems)…

Okay, ready, set, go …. for successful holiday sales!!









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