4 Facts to Test Your Social Media

Social media is the buzz word with any marketing program.  Obviously, in order to sell your products, you need to get the message out to your potential customers.

Many times, social media campaigns are just a matter of trial and error.  4 Facts to Test Your Social MediaBut there are a few things that will definitely boost your effectiveness.

Check out the Alyson Stanfield’s 4-Sure-Facts on Social Media:

I’m absolutely certain about these 4 things when it comes to testing social media:

1. The payoff for investing your effort into social media will be greater if you focus on your foundation (website, blog, email list) first.

Without this foundation in place, social media isn’t as useful. You need to have a place to send people – an online portfolio to show off your art and/or your expertise if you’re a teacher.

2. You can share a post similar to someone else’s and get radically different results.

This is why we read that the best time to post to your Facebook business page is at 11:30 am in one place and 6:30 am in another. You have a unique list of followers and have to see for yourself.

3. Your level of enthusiasm will show in what you post.

The greater your commitment, the more attractive you will be to followers. We can smell a half-baked effort from miles away.

If you’re only promoting and we can’t sense the love for your art, your posts will fall flat. That’s a waste of your time and that of your followers.

4. If you don’t test and track your results, you will never know what works for you.

Alyson outlines just the beginning of the testing process.  Included in her blog is a listing of social media networks and how to effectively use them to test what works for you and your products.

The final results from your testing and implementation should ultimately  create more sales — which may or may not include increase engagement on your social media sites.  After all, isn’t sale the ultimate goal of your marketing plan?

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