CyberHoliday sale – 2 days only, save 30% on eGuides

Been a while since I sent out a savings opportunity to my beloved followers. Since the Black Friday, Red Saturday, CyberMonday, Purple Wednesday (;-) hullabaloo has died down, thought I would give it a shot… in case you’ve been waiting.

All my guides/products are 30% off starting NOW, through midnight Monday, December 5… including my already discounted packages!


Coupon Code: STGS30%OFF

Coupon Code: TSES30%OFF

No coupon needed.  Use this link for 30% off

Coupon Code: WPPT30%OFF

Coupon Code: AWMP30%OFF

PS Your purchase is fully tax deductible on your 2016 business tax return, for your related enterprise! A further reduction in your out-of-pocket investment…!

We hope one or more of the above fits into your growth plans for the near future.

Blessings, and Happy Holidays from Gift Rep Sandy and Niche Innovation LLC.





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