Creating Effective Line Sheets

As a former road rep, I sold nearly exclusively from sales flyers.  My flyers typically showcased the products, pictures, pricing, and terms.  In most cases, I kept samples in my car, but seldom needed to show them to the buyers.

Now, I find that expanded line sheets work well for selling.  When I say Creating Effective Line Sheetsexpanded, I am referring to line sheets that also include some pictures along with ordering information and form right on the line sheet.

I really like the way that Boaz David from the Human B describes this special line sheet:

How to Create A Line sheet That Sells

What makes a good line sheet?

A good line sheet should answer all the questions that a buyer might have. Making it as easy as possible for them to write an order with no room to think twice or to hesitate.

Just like you want to covert your website visitors into sales, when a buyer shows interest in your line/product, your goal is to convert that into an actual order!

Therefore anytime a buyer has to stop and ask a question (re: what is the delivery date, what sizes do you offer etc.), or wonder about a look, color, fit etc. it will steer them away from the main goal which is writing the order….

How is a line sheet being used?

  • Anytime you present your line to a buyer in person you must have the line sheet with you and hand a copy to the buyer…
  • For out of town buyers you can always email the line sheet…

Line sheets should always contain important information about your company, such as contact info, email and website info.

Other important information to include:

  • Terms you are willing to accept for orders:  Credit card, Net 30 etc.
  • Minimum order amounts whether they are per unit or a dollar amount.
  • Complete product information such as pricing per unit, case pricing, item number, short description (where necessary), available options (colors, styles, sizes etc.) and photos where possible.
  • And, of course, wholesale price and suggested retail price.

Personally, I loved it when my vendors supplied me with line sheets that were COMPLETE!

Typically, most of the info I received, was formatted for consumers in the form of catalogs with lots of flowery verbiage that was not helpful for most wholesale buyers.

Simple sheets with pictures, ordering information and an added form for ordering worked great for my store buyer customers.

For more information on Line Sheets and Sales Flyers, check out the following extensive resources and links here:

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