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A good website is one of the best sales tools you can have in selling both wholesale and retail.  Websites have overwhelming replaced catalogs (in some cases) making it easier and less expensive than printed material.

We have talked about the various important sections and pages to include on your website in a previous article:  Tips for Creating a Professional Website.  Today, I want to talk about your Privacy Policy Webpage.

Often overlooked, your privacy policy is a necessary and important page All About Your Privacy Policy Webpageon your site.  Since your customers and potential customers cannot ask questions about certain policies, this page lists all the pertinent details of a sale.

Here are a few tips by John Norris from the VPN Mentor on the points to include on a Privacy Policy page:

Privacy Policy for Websites

Point #1: Information Collection

Every policy should explicitly describe what information the site collects and its’ collection methods.

Point #2: Information Use

After detailing the information collection, the policies then describe how the website owners use it…

Companies – and their websites – who take your data security seriously:

  • Never sell personally identifiable information to 3rd parties
  • Anonymize and/or encrypt the data to protect against breaches
  • Only store the data for a short period of time

Point #3: E-Commerce Considerations

For e-commerce sites, the policy should detail the safeguards for a user’s private financial information collected to process transactions. This includes credit card numbers, social security numbers, or bank account information.

Point #4: 3rd Party Information Disclosures

There should be clear language about the website’s relationship(s) with 3rd parties. Ideally, your site will not sell or share personally identifiable information unless there is a legally compelling reason. It should also detail what your company does with non-private data.

Point #5: Information Security and Tracking

Today’s best privacy policies highlight their information security and detail cookie use….

Point #6: Unsubscribe Methods

Every online privacy policy should state how a customer can unsubscribe from unwanted communications.

Point #7: Consent

The standard online privacy policy states that users agree to the policy simply by using the website.

Sound complicated?  John offers a template at the bottom of his article that you can edit and use on your own website:

Privacy Policy for Websites – Free Template

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