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Nothing warms my heart more than hearing from my e-guide customers who experience success from reading my digital resources.

Susan purchased The Complete E-Guide for Selling Wholesale to Gift and Retail Stores in July of 2015.  Here is her story:

Just have to say thank you for your help in getting my side and hopefully, retirement business going.  I had an idea for a beach home décor product a couple years ago,  and  as I was researching how to get it made I came across your website and ebook online.  Once  I got some product, I studied your book,  used your templates and suggestions,  took off to the coast with my product in hand, and started walking into stores.  Your tips and instructions gave me the confidence to sell my product and were spot on!   That was 18 months ago.   Today we are in 6 beach town stores,  are up on the web with an online store and Facebook page, and are awaiting our 2nd trademark next month.

 We are a very small business – my product is made by a family member and myself (after my day job and on weekends).  One day we willexpand, but I am so happy having this side  business even as it is.  It has been a blast learning how to start up, and so very satisfying.  You gave me all the tools I needed to get started, and I seriously doubt I could have been successful without your insights and experience – based recommendations.   I owe you a debt of gratitude that I can only hope to pay forward to someone someday .  Oh – and you are so right about one of the most satisfying aspects of wholesaling to retail stores –  the relationships formed with my customers has been one of the best parts of this whole endeavor. It’s a whole new set of friendly business acquaintances that adds much richness to my life.  Thank you so very much.


The Complete eGuide for Selling to Gift Shops


If you are planning to expand your products into the wholesale arena, this equide will help you navigate the waters.

I share shockingly simple, fool-proof tactics on making good money by selling to gift shops! … all gleaned from my successful business as  ‘gift sales rep’!

“Whether you make or distribute (or import) specialty foods, candles, jewelry, handmade soap, crafts, confections, dolls, post cards, greeting cards, knick knacks, pottery – ceramics, woodcrafts, stuffed animals, t-shirts, souvenirs, housewares, or even publish regional or “gift appropriate” book titles…

“I will take the mystery out of selling to retailers!

​​​​​​​(And help grow your business to an ENTIRELY new level …no matter where you live!)”

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Happy Profits!





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