3 Tips to Prepare for a Sales Calls

Most creative producers are challenged and even intimated with selling their products.  I understand the need to spend time working on your craft, but in order to succeed in your business, you need to learn to sell your products.

Sales is a learned skill — no matter how timid or how much you hate selling 3 Tips to Prepare for Sales Calls— you can learn the techniques successful sales people use.

Even with all my years of experience in sales, I still read books and articles from the experts on selling effectively.

One of my favorite blogs on the subject is Sales Gravy.  Following is an excerpt from an article written by Anthony Iannarino, President and Chief Sales officer for SOLUTIONS Staffing:

3 Keys For Designing an Effective Sales Call Plan

Value First – If you want to have a successful sales call, there isn’t a much better place to start than asking yourself what your prospective client needs from you at this stage of their process? What are they going to find most valuable? Listen, you are not successful unless your dream client believes that spending time with you was of greater benefit to them than spending that time with someone else, or working on something else.

Create a Preference – No one… wants to look at this issue, because it is a variable that isn’t easy to control or influence.You are supposed to  be creating a preference for you, your company, and your solution. You are supposed to sell in such a way that people would prefer to work with you over anyone else. You need to be known, liked, and trusted.  … Remember, you are vying for a position on your dream client’s team, and if they don’t choose you, there is a reason. Serving them where they are will give you a good start.

Control the Process – If you want to have an effective sales call, it has to do the work of creating enough value that you earn an absolute right to the next commitment. This means you need to know what commitment you need, and you have to help your dream client understand (the value your product is to their store) ……  trading the value necessary to move forward improves the odds of gaining the next commitment, and it ensures success.

If you are interested in more sales information, you can read the full article or access the many excellent articles posted on the Sales Gravy website.






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