Are You Fulfilling Your Purpose?

Have you spend years in a dead-end job that did not fill any purpose other than generating an income?

From my perspective, it is very sad to hear all the 9-to-5 workers tell me they are not getting paid what they are worth, or that they hate their boss or the company they work for.

What a sad existence!

Their must be something more to life … something more fulfilling than getting up and going to work at a place that you hate!!

We All Have a Purpose in LifeAre You Fulfilling Your Purpose?

I truly believe that we are in this life, on this planet in time, to fulfill a specific purpose for the betterment of the world.

But what is that purpose?

When I was a foster parent, I  successfully helped trouble teens find their inner gift!  Most of these teens had very low self-esteem and hated life in general.

Once they though about what they could or wanted be good at, they excelled in every area of their life.

What is Our Purpose?

Each person has their own unique gifts to share with the world.  If you are gifted as a crafter, that is probably your gift and purpose.  Most entertainers know their purpose and get paid very well to express it.

Personally, I worked on and off as an employee and/or an independent contractor.  Having a job seemed more secure to me, so I would often go back to working for a boss.  It wasn’t until the late 1990’s when I worked as book manager of a large entertainment chain store that I realized working for someone else was not my ‘calling’.

It was not long after I quit that job that I started my sales rep business and started to create a purposeful existence.  I discovered my talents were put to better use when I worked for myself.

In reality, my purpose today is the same as the gift I gave those teenagers years ago:  Helping folks find their inner talent!

If you are a creative type, are you using your creativity to make products to share with the world?  If not, what are you doing with your special gift?

If you need help exploring the world of retail and wholesale sales, I can help as I understand the creative mind and the need to express that creativity.  If you don’t, you may never really know true happiness.

Check out my 1-on-1 Wholesale Business Consulting and let’s see how we can define and expand your gifts and talents into a purposeful life!






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