How Can I Get Buyers to Open My Emails?

Email is the quickest, cheapest and most effective way to contact buyers.  It is easy to write out emails and easy for buyers to read it at their convenience.

But then why is it so hard to get buyers to read emails?  Because they are quick, easy and ineffective in attracting buyers!!

So how can we get buyers to open and READ our emails?

Well, from my experience, there are two obvious killers to getting your email How Can I Get Buyers to Open My Emails?read:

  1.  Addressing the email to sir/madam and any other generic name rather than using the name of the buyer.
  2. Sending a ‘cookie cuter’ email to every buyer you know.  (Do you think buyers can’t spot that tactic a mile away??)

There are numerous article on how to write a good email.  Here are some of the tips I found from some of the experts on email marketing:

What to write in a subject line to increase its chance of getting opened

Firstly, there needs to be a connection between the subject line and the content. You can’t just write what you think is a great hook to try and get them to open your email, and then when they open the email they find it’s a sales pitch all about you. All that does is ensure they will never open an email from you again.

The subject line has to be something which when the recipient receives it they are immediately thinking ‘that is something that is really important to me right now’. Not just of vague interest, but critical interest. Most email subject lines I receive have literally nothing to do with anything I truly care about. Some are of vague interest and I may click on those, but it all depends on how busy I am, so it’s a risky bet. A few are right in the centre of my world and I always open those.

~ The Business of Trust


Stop pitching over email

Too many salespeople prematurely pitch over email. They describe the features and benefits of their products and services, what they do and how they do it. As should be evident by the low response rate these types of emails get, their pitch is falling on deaf ears.

What should you do instead? Determine whether a prospect has a need before pitching anything.

In your first emails to a new prospect, try keeping your messages short and about your buyer.

~ Hubspot


Customize the Subject Line 

The subject line of your email is the single most important 50 characters of the entire email – it is your first point of contact with the buyer, and it can singlehandedly win or lose a lead. Creating a good subject line depends on three key elements:

Keep it short and sweet: Choose succinct words that pack a punch – you have the rest of the email to inform your buyers of your intention, but only a few words to grab their attention. Active, descriptive words will catch their eye and hold it long enough to get the email open.


I found that the best approach is practice, practice, practice — watch what works and repeat!

Interested in some email templates?  Check out HubSpot’s article:

3 Sales Email Templates to Get and Keep Buyers’ Attention



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