Have You Started Your Holiday Planning?

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article, When Should I Start Holiday Planning, where I gave a month ‘to do’ list of holiday plan, starting with January.

If you are like most producers, sales during the holiday season are 50 to 75% of your yearly business!  In order to meet that demand, early planning is Have You Started Your Holiday Planning?critical to your success and sanity during the holiday season.

Wholesale in a Box also published an article listing their 9 Crucial Tips for Growing Wholesale Around the Holidays.

Here are a few of their holiday wholesale tips:

1. Prepare your personal life.
…Things get crazy around the holidays … You’re dealing with retail orders, wholesale orders, holiday markets, and production all at once. So it will be a little nuts, but the truth is that the truly nuts period is pretty short, probably about 4-6 weeks…. so don’t “heap on”, adding other unnecessary commitments to the roster during those weeks. Try to set expectations with yourself, family, and friends so that you have as clean a slate as possible so you can focus on your business. …

2. Get the help you need — early.
… The time to start setting it up is now, long before you’ll need it. Perhaps you’re so well-established that you can actually interview for skilled hourly workers to help you with production, and you already know how many hours per week, during which weeks, you will need them. … But, if your business is a little more unpredictable at this point … You can ask a couple of friends to commit to being “on call” during a 3-week period for movie-and-production nights. … It’s ok to tell people, “I might need help, but I’m not sure how much.”

3. Love the ones you’re with.
If you’re growing wholesale, it’s tempting to focus entirely on getting new orders from stores. But one of the most important things you can do is cultivate your relationships with your current stockists. … How to cultivate reorders during the holidays? So many store owners tell me that they don’t have a super-precise system for deciding what to reorder. So a big part of your focus should be making your line visible to the stockist and being of service to the stockist. That way you’re top-of-mind when the store owner is making their list of items to buy. …

4. Focus on your best sellers and what makes you distinctive.
Makers tend to think their line needs to be well-rounded. … store owners often tell us that it is actually the 2 or 3 standout pieces that prompt them to choose this line over that line. Standout pieces help stores make sales when a customer is in the shop browsing. So if there is a piece that they simply can’t get anywhere else, it will likely push them over the edge to choosing your line, and putting together enough other pieces from the line to make a full order….

Continue reading this article for the final four tips for planning and growing your wholesale business for the holidays.






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