Adding Value to Your Products

In the gift industry, eye-catching packaging typically sells the first item, so adding extra value to your product packaging greatly increased the likelihood that it will sell well.

What do I mean by adding value?  Personalized packaging and labeling can make a big difference to the look and appeal of your product.

Many years ago, we launched a brand of gourmet foods (and a few personal care items) we loving called Idaho Redneck.  Of course, they appealed to Idaho stores almost immediately.Adding Value to Your Products -- Idaho Redneck Huckleberry Toe Jam

The contents and ingredients were excellent, but first time buyers don’t know that.  What sold the products was the unique humorous labeling.

At the time, we wanted to target a specific buyer and did very well with our complete line of numerous Idaho Redneck products.

Of course, I don’t recommend this approach for everyone.

McKenna Hallet posted an article on Artsy Shark that lists a few ways you can add value to your products.

Simple Ways to Add Value and Boost Your Sales

One way to stand out is to employ the somewhat elusive strategy of adding value. Designed to entice, this is adding something that makes them say, “Wow, this is great. I want to buy this.”

There are many other inexpensive ways to woo and convert lookers into buyers for any number of different products:

  • Using unique packaging
  • Offering to gift-wrap items
  • Including written care instructions
  • Including an artist statement and/or bio

Some ways to add value that I have used and seen other producers use successfully:

  • Using hang tags to describe material, care instructions, ingredients or recipes
  • Enclosure cards inside your packaging telling a story about your company or products
  • Adding extra branding labels (we added little circle size labels with our Tastes of Idaho logo to the top of gourmet food jars.)
  • Extra ribbons or bows on the packaging, where appropriate
  • Special holiday labeling or packaging

Next time you are shopping where items like yours are displayed, check out the packaging and see what ideas you can come up with to add value to your products.











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